September Vs. December


My sister will be turning 30 in September, and has decided that to combat the “I’m turning 30 blues” she wants a group trip to WDW. The group was going to be her, me, my hubby, my mom, step-father, and possibly my father. Since dh and I bought a house, my dh has decided to sit this trip out.

My sister and I decided to plan the trip around her birthday…September 6th. Then, my mom saw the holiday special about WDW, and now she wants to go in December.

My sister has been in December, but not September.
I have been in September, but not December (I have been in early January, so I’ve seen some decorations).
My mom has never been in either month.
Step father has never been…ever!
So…I need your help…pros and cons for both please!


Well lets see, I have been in Sept and Dec, so heres what I think.

The weather is much nicer in Sept. (but you can have hurricane issues then)

Crowds seemed better in Sept, but early December is probably less crowded.

Perhaps there will be a free dining plan offered in Sept. They have never offered it in Dec.

Of course, you could go for two short trips, one in Sept and one in Dec. Buy annual passes, hope for good discounts, and do both!!


September is still pretty warm. Good pool weather. Kids have gone back to school. Good time to go.

December is nice but it is MUCH more crowed than it used to be. They keep showing those darn specials and now the secret has gotten out. Weather can go either way. We were in shorts even at night this year but I’ve been there when it was cold and rainey.


September can be 95 degrees by noon… but there are less crowds. If you are a go to the parks all day kind of family… this can be miserable. it is a little depressing when there are no people on the bus with you, etc… Plus there is a risk of hurricanes too…

However, if you go to WDW in early December… there are still no crowds (relatively) and there are all of the holiday items, with moderate temperatures… Plus you can go to the Christmas Party!
(I have been at both times of the year)… I think that I prefer Christmas because of the decorations, plus it is very festive.

September is festive in a summer vacation sort of way-still hot though…


been in september hot crowded but not as bad as summer. went during free dining. crowds were surprisingly heavy. but it is disney anyway it is:laugh:


I can only give you December pro’s and pro’s. We were there first week (1-8) this year and it was wonderful. The parks were more croweded than I expected, but nothing compared to the summer months. The decorations, MVMCP and weather were all amazing. It only was chilly one evening and one morning the entire week. It was definitely shorts and swimming weather. Not too hot…just PERFECT (mid 70’s)

I don’t know if that is common for the first week in December, but it sure was wonderful weather.


I have been in September twice, and December 3 times. For my family, December wins HANDS DOWN. Yes, it has gotten more crowded than it used to be. But it is still TOTALLY manageable and NOTHING beats seeing WDW all decorated for the Christmas season. I am getting chills just thinking about it. Plus, it’s still SO DARNED HOT in September! In December, the weather is kinda unpredictable…some days it was in the upper 70s low 80s, a couple of days it was in the 40s! But there has to be something said about being able to park tour WITHOUT DRIPPING SWEAT! :laugh:

I planned my trip this year for Thanksgiving week, but I was hemming and hawing over mid September or Thanksgiving. Because of the reasons listed above, we chose Thanksgiving week.

December…that’s my vote. :wub:


I have never been in December, but I have been in September.

However, that being said, I would probably vote for December. I think that even if free dining is offered this fall, the holiday decorations, Christmas party and cooler weather are all going to make December the better choice.

I LOVE going in September and think it’s marvelous, but it can be hecka hot and you don’t have any of the beautiful holiday decorations which I’m sure make WDW even more magical!


September is warm/hot and busier open longer (until Midnight extra magic hours)

December is nicer for Christmas :tinytree: cold at night :snowman: warm/cold at day time. closes at 6 and PM (Extra Magic hours?)

I would go December because I love Disney at Christmas. I have been in September and totally enjoyed it. i guess you need to weigh up warm, cold, hot, crowds, Christmas, opening times.

whatever time of year Disney deliver:heart: