September Weather


I am going to WDW Sept. 19 -28 and I have been hearing horror stories about the Florida humidity in September. May I have some feedback on some of your experiences with the weather at WDW in September? Thank you!


September, like the other summer months, is very humid and hot. You are best getting up and going to the parks at open, taking a break midday when the heat is at it’s worse and come back out around dinner time. You will avoid the worse parts of the day this way.

Take breaks and drink WATER!!


We were there once during the middle of September and I remember it being very humid and hot. Like Dana mentioned, get to the parks early, take a break in the afternoon, and return to the parks in the evening. Drink lots of water.


I think it’s so weird how people aren’t used to humidity!! I am sure it can knock the wind out of you for a few days but just go early in the mornings, stay hydrated and take breaks like Dana said and you’ll be good!


It was warmer and more humid than I thought it would be when we went in September a couple of years of ago. It just reminded me of Ohio during August, but not as bad. Like everyone else said, get up early and do what you want, take a break in the afternoon and make sure you get plenty of water. It will be fine!


We went this past September and all I remember is the RAIN!
Pack your ponchos!


Ohhhhh…like August in Ohio! Thank you for the comparison. I don’t know what I was envisioning, but the scene from the Wizard of Oz when the witch is melting would probably be a good description of how I thought I was going to feel. :laugh:

Although, I think I’m still going to keep my fingers crossed for an unusually cool September.


LOL! Remember though, it does sometimes feel like you are going to melt during August in Ohio too! It really wasn’t that bad when we were there a while back. We are actually going 9/19-28, about the same time we went in 2006. The evenings were always really nice. Just a word of caution if you are going to MNSSHP. If you have a costume for yourself or kids, make sure it’s a cool one. We had our DD in an Ohio State cheerleader outfit and she was burning up until we took the shirt off of her. She’s going as tinkerbell this year, so I think she will be ok!


We pack for everything! Well, not for snow! LOL I just make sure to have a sweatshirt, jackets and ponchos. It always better to have too much than not enough.


OK, I think I got it!

In summary, I should:
Drink lots of water…
Take enough breaks…
Pack ponchos…
And if it ever gets too hot…stop by Beaches & Cream and order the Kitchen Sink Sundae! :laugh:


You got it!!