September Weather?


So we’re thinking of a September trip next year, and I’m trying to price it out… buuuut, what will the weather be like? We’re thinking of the second week now, to hopefully get free dining. We’ve been in the summer (June & July), and my favorite time of year (February), but this will be our first time in September. What can we expect?


I’m going this September for the first time. From what I’ve researched, we are planning on hot, humid days and cool evenings. Rain possible every day.


I’ve gone many times in September. It’s pretty much like summer, with just a tad bit less humidity. I think last time we were there at that time, it was in the high 80’s/low 90’s but the humity was 70% which made it much more bearable than what we’ve experienced in August having 100% humidity. With it being value season and less crowds, the park hours are usually shorter, but it works out for us as we spend the rest of the evening at the resort pool. And with less crowds, you definitely will be able to hit everything you want in the park during shorter hours.


Yeah the pools were a big draw for us. Going in December or January, it’s always hit & miss on swimming.


September is also the high point of hurricane season.


I guess it’s all what you’re used to. If your from LA where it’s normally warm it would probably be ok for you. We’re from NJ and had never been to FL in the summer when we went to DW for the first time in mid-Sept. and we thought it was brutal. In the 90’s every day and high humidity. I don’t know how people who live there do it but I guess you get used to it. I’m sure they’d say the same thing about the cold in the winter where we live. The evenings do make up for it though. It cools down and sitting by the pool at night is just heavenly.


“Remember September; It’s over in October.”


…I think the difference in the winter is the damp cold there in FL…when we’ve been there in January, and the canals are freezing over…it’s a much more damp cold-----goes right down deep to your bones— then here in the DC area where we are used to the same temp in Jan. It truly is a different “cold” and I’ll take the heat and humidity of the summer over that any day. :happy:


September is pretty hot. How hot is it? Gates of **** Hades hide-out hot…seriously. It’s VERY hot. That being said, I go in August, so I know what hot is. It really doesn’t bother me. I tour in the mornings, take a break every day for the 2pm rain storm and then go back out at night. Almost every single attraction is air conditioned, so unless you are sitting on the black top, it’s not a big deal.


we went in September one year and it was very warm in the daytime with rain and storms nearly every day. The rain was HEAVY (bold as it was nothing like we had ever seen in the UK ) but it was over very quickly and kinda ‘lifted’ the air some way so it wasn’t as humid as it was earlier in the day. There were lots of lizards about the resorts if I remember correctly? :happy:


We went in mid September 3 years ago and it was HOT and HUMID but as others have said most rides have AC and if not the cue is covered with fans and misters to keep you cool.

We are going the end of September into October this year so hopefully it will not be as oppresive.


That’s one heck of a way to refer to loud and obnoxious touring groups from Brazil.:laugh:


Omg…thats hilarious!!! X


It’s been over 100F for I don’t know how many days this summer. I can handle anything a Florida September throws at us.


…this is what I keep telling myself about this August…it has been much hotter up here (well over 100 many days) than the WDW weather I’ve been checking…
…and I’ve been during the summer before…for me it’s easier to keep cool than it is to try to bundle up to stay warm…


I’m more concerned for DW, who doesn’t tolerate the heat well. Today, I’m shoveling and spreading wood chips on my challenge course in 103F.


I think if you stick to morning touring and taking a mid-day break, she will be ok. It works for my daughter who doesn’t do well in it either. There is something magical about an hour in the air condition room that does wonders for her.


Gosh, you said the “h” word… Now I have to spin around three times, touch my nose to my elbow and walk around with my hands as mouse ears above my head for 33 minutes. Sheesh, don’t say that word!!! We are there Sept. 14-21


Don’t forget the semi annual love bug infestation! (September and May)


Why do you think they put free dining in September?:dry: