Seralago Suites and off-site shuttle buses


Has anyone ever stayed at the Seralago Suites located in Kissimee 3 miles from WDW? If so how did you like it? They offer free shuttles to TTC but as we are driving we are debating on using their free system and save on parking or would it be faster for us to drive and just pay the 14 per day?

Thank you,


On our last trip in September we drove straight through and ended up staying one night at Serlago! The place is ok…HUGE if ya ask me, but it was ok. The price was only $71 for the night for a suite to sleep 6 so it worked. We couldn’t wait to get to our Disney hotel…love love love staying on site…We priced out the cost of staying off site, paying for meals, tickets, etc and it ended up being the same price!

Not sure what to tell you about the transportation there…but I would stay in Disney and use their buses, boats, etc! Have fun!