Seriously sign up for this Alamo deal!


A few days ago I booked an Alamo rental car for an upcoming trip. I used my AP discount to get a discounted rate of $47.29 a day for a midsize car. I was pretty happy with that.


I signed up for the Alamo Hot Deals On Wheels program while I was filling out the rental stuff online. And lo and behold, today I received an email from them offering new discounts, and Orlando was among them.

I ended up booking the exact same car for $29 per day! INSANE! And the Alamo desk is in the terminal. Lovely!!!

Here is the link to sign up for the program. Just do it, and enjoy the deal! (click on the Hot Deals On Wheels icon in the bottom right of the screen.)

Woooohooooo – I saved enough to buy a 1-day park pass!


That is awesome!! I use these Hot Deals all the time - they offer them almost every month.


That’s awesome! I always use thrifty cause I’m cheap but they aren’t in the terminal. Mo money to spend @ the parks!


Hotwire is a good place to get rental cars. We rented a mid size for $18 a day.


I’m a faithful hotwire user! When I planned my last Disney trip I jumped on a email deal and rented a midsize car for $10.99 per day!


We found priceline to be good as well. We rented a mid size out of LAX when we went to DL for $16/day.


Oh my golly… should I give one of those a try? I am so scared to try those places after an unfortunate hotel situation many years ago in which I booked through one of them (expedia? hotwire? can’t remember now) and when we arrived, the hotel said they had no room for us. The printout we had meant absolutely nothing, and we ended up caravanning around looking for a room elsewhere.


I have never had any trouble with hotwire at all and I have used them for the last 3 Disney trips and countless other times. Everything was firmly confirmed, went straight to the counter, they had my reservation and I was off to my car. Trust me you cannot beat their deals. Sign up for their emails and you will consistently see awesome deals.


OK I will do it right now!


That is awesome!!! We rented a car once for about $18-$20 a day, but we live kind of close so most of the time we end up driving.


Three weeks before we went to Hawaii, We got a Hotwire alert for 12 bucks a day and couldn’t pass it up. Then I when I got there I remembered why I didn’t want to rent a car in the first place and paid $33 a day to park it…lol.

Honestly, though, it would have been tough to do the things we did (golf, memorial, etc.) with taxi’s.