Services at WDW


Are there any Church Services held anywhere at WDW? I found a discussion from a few years back but nothing current. This will be our first trip there without a car and missing a Sunday Service is not something I want to do.


Are you going during Easter? Not sure about there being services any other time…


The only time I’ve seen it mentioned was during Easter, being held at the Contemporary. I would just call Disney to see what your choices are.


There might be a shuttle service over to Mary Queen of the Universe Catholic Church (it is just off property). I am sure the desk at your resort can help you find that out.

(we did Easter there once and it was a very nice service)


Hope these sites help. It seems WDW stopprd services on property except on holidays.

Religious Services in the WDW Area

Religious Services Near Walt Disney World

Religious Services Around Disney in Orlando Florida, Orlando Church


Maybe I should just officiate my own service. Anyone going to be at WDW the weekend of Feb 26 want to join me. With the pools, baptism would be really easy. :laugh: