Sewing disney garb while you count down


I was perusing the sewing photos on and saw the most adorable little peasant dress someone made (with little children’s faces on it) for her child to wear to Epcot and I wondered…

Do any of you all sew up outfits for the kids to specifically wear to WDW? Seems like a terrific way to enjoy the pre-trip excitement AND have a few new duds to wear on vacation! I’m gonna try it.


I have never done that…don’t think boys would like to ware things like that. But that is a really cute dress!!


No:laugh: :laugh: But I sure wish I could! That dress is adorable!


cute idea, but i can’t even sew a button (well…maybe a button, but that’s about it)!


I had 3 t-shirts printed up with pictures of WDW and the name of my web site, does that count? :laugh:


i DO!! :c) i am going to go get the link to my thread where i posted some of my Disney creations!!


here it is!

there is a great thread on the DIS site too! do a search for “custom outfits or boutique” you will find a thread full of ideas!! some are VERY simple & easy too.


Cute dress but I cant even figure out how to get the thread thru the needle :laugh:


That dress is so cute!


Those Jeans are so cute


That dress is adorable.

My one and only sewing attempt was in high school home ec. Trust me, it was a complete disaster.

I gave up after that.


Love the dress and the jeans are really cute. I can’t sew a bit but my DM can. I will have to have her take a peek at these and maybe she can whip something up my my niece for our grand family trip in the spring.


I don’t sew things for my kids or myself. However I do sew for my furbaby - my 4 lb yorkie. :laugh: I’ve made her some pretty dresses and even vest/harnesses with Mickey on them. She looks quite cute in them! :heart:


I wish I could sew but I can’t, however we usually all wear the same disney shirt every day of our trip.