Shades of Green for non-retired veterans


You just filled in the missing piece as to why sooooooo many deploymnet planning issues seem to come up when you least expect it. You only need a drug test. And all that time I thought it was a wet behind the ear JO trying to impress his superiors by coming up with a better way to do things with a reinvention of the wheel.:laugh: God I hated having to break in a new SuppO for a deployment.


Yeah I equally loved getting a brand new “butter-bar” for a div-o right before Desert Shield. We put a E4 in charge of not letting him get himself hurt 8)


Had one that was so lost I filled out all of the shipping and customs docs a week early and gave them to the Div S4 SNCO for an exercise to Norway. When the new SuppO turned in his docs they were placed in the special filiing bin under the SNCO’s desk.

He was really a nice guy, but everything he touched blew up in my face since I would get the first call.