Shades of Green or Pop?


I am helping my friend plan a trip in Sept when her DH is on 2 week leave. I have recommended POP but am looking into SOG for them also. If you have stayed there is it a pain to get the buses only to the TTC? I know the rooms look big so that is great. Which would you stay at.



I think Franco would be a big help to you on this question. I know he has stayed there in the past.


We stayed at Shades of Green 2 years ago and the resort is beautiful. The rooms are huge, bigger than any other WDW standard room, I believe. The resort used to be a deluxe resort when it was owned by Disney so you know it’s nice. The 2 restaurants we tried we very good and cheaper than WDW owned restaurants. You can use SoG transportation or walk across the stree to the Poly and use WDW transportation. Even though you don’t have any Disney touches like fun Mickey soap it’s still a great resort and I would pick it over a value any day.

Here’s the FAQ for Shades of Green if you haven’t seen it.


Thanks DT, here is my link on what I am trying to do. I know you can also answer my question on if you can get the Ding fair without downloading Ding. I don’t really want to download it if I don’t have to. Thanks!


The only way you can get a Ding fare that I know of is to download the program. Is there any reason you don’t want to download it? Some people on another board talked about acessing it through a back door, but I have no idea what the benifit of that would be? Besides, the instructions were very complex!

The bus from SOG to TTC was not a pain at all, in fact it was a little more convient than regular disney busses because you knew when they were leaving, every 15 minutes! Getting to MGM and AK took a little more planning because the direct bus from SOG only ran once per hour. But you can get a ride on the shady shuttle to the end of the property then cross the street to the poly and use the monrail or buss from there.


Go for Shades if they can get in. Very nice…but I miss the old Disney Inn. It was so nice and quiet.

Not impressed with breakfast in resturant though. Worst meal I’ve ever had at WDW. Stick with quick stop down by the bus stop.


:redface: ummm, what’s a “Ding”? I am afraid I have no clue

goes and hides to avoid being pelted with tomatoes and rotten eggs:ohmy:


I don’t think you get early or late entry wiht SOG. May check it out.


As of May 2006 EMHs benifits were included! There was talk of stopping it Jan 06 but they never did.