Shamu Cam


This is a pretty cool webcam for all of you SeaWorld lovers.

SeaWorld Cams: Shamu Cam


DD that is cool thanks for sharing it, can’t wait to show the kids!

I watched for a few minutes and saw two!:happy:


Oh this is fun!


Fantastic thank you- not only a Sea World fan but a huge Shamu fan too! can’t wait to show DD and DH.


That is really cool! Thanks for sharing


they are really active right now…they keep going right by the camera…i havent been to see shamu in YEARS!!! thanks for the link!


aww I see one!!! He looks like he’s doing summersaults in the middle of the pool… :happy: I don’t know if it’s the time of day or if it’s always like this, but the sunlight shining down in rays makes it look like a dream… :heart:

Thanks so much for sharing this, DayDreamer. I have always wanted to go to SeaWorld… now I feel like I’m there! :happy:

(And as I typed that, one came right up to the camera with his mouth open - I choose to interpret that as a smile!)


Oooh - that’s so cool! We were just at SeaWorld last week - I love Shamu.


Think I missed all the action…I’ll check back tomorrow. Thanks for the link! You just reminded me that I need to get back there again.:heart:


I see nothing but shiny water! Missed all the fun!


I just checked in again and must get lucky as each time I have seen Shamu- only for a couple of secs but that will do for me!


A whale just swam by upside down!