Shamu Rocks & Mistify


Has anyone done these shows? are they worth seeing?

We are going to sea world late September, will they still be on then and can you see them both in the same night?

do they show every night?


I don’t know about the show times, but I do know at SeaWorld you need to plan well to see all the shows.

Shamu Rocks is cool IF Shamu is “in the mood!” :laugh: When we were there last May, he was NOT performing like he should and they shut down the show. :frown:


Has anyone else seen these shows?


We saw Shamu rocks in Nov 2008 and it was pretty darn cool! Worth seeing.


We saw it several years ago and loved it.


June 08 we tried to catch the first showing of Shamu Rock, missed it so ran down to see her in her big tank before she went ‘on stage’, the show was around 20mins long and we watched her in that tank for 15mins! They opened the gate, bashed on the water, did all they could to coax her in but she wasn’t having any of it and kept swimming merrily around the tank! We made it to the second showing and again, she refused to come out. Can’t sat I blame her really but the show was a bit of a let down because of that. Alos, most people seemed to leave after the first showing of Shamu Rocks so we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

Is Mistify the fireworks show? We got directed to an embankment, got a great spot…and then the fireworks went off behind the biggest trees you’ve ever seen. Que lots of mad dashing to try and find a decent spot, being turned away by staff members and constantly hitting shut off pathways. We didn’t even realise there was a movie-on-water going on until we gave up trying to get a spot and started to head out of the park!

We were pretty dissapointed with both shows really, the only plus side to the evening was we got to see alot of the animals without having tons of people round, it was quiet at alot of the pools and that was really nice.

If it’s still on, catch Sealions Tonight, its the best show Seaworld has to offer and only has one showing (or it did in June) so make sure you get in! You won’t regret it!


Hey thanks for the Shamu info and a big thank you for the heads up about the sealion show I forgot that I had seen this on a DVD it looks cool.


Jimbo we have been to all the shows you mentioned and thought they were really good I am sure youwould enjoy them I was surprised at shamus moods as all the times we have seen shamu that has never happened thank goodness.!