Share in my happiness


I got my tax refund today. I use a tax service and always get them early. Anyhoo, I just got back from the disney store where I bought my passes for my October trip for me and the girls.(three 7 day hoppers two with the plus option) I also mailed the check to pay for my rented points in full. People this trip is almost paid off. I only have three more passes to buy(2 five day plus passes and one three day basic), airfare and spending money and it’s only January. I so excited!! Gosh it feels good to know some of this is paid for…I was so worried.


Dana…I’m so happy for ya! What a great feeling to have it paid of…or almost;)…Yippee!


Thanks peppertink. I love having stuff paid off. Now, I definately have to go to staples and start my book. :wink:


I love tax refunds! We use ours for Disney every year, too!


I use that a savings plan for disney. Doesn’t feel so bad when I see all that money going out of my check each week…I know in the back of my mind most of it is coming back and is getting me to disney!


AWESOME, Dana!!! :cool: CONGRATS!!!


That’s great! I’m sure it’s a good feeling.

If only I had my W2 already, then we could file and get our $$$…


That’s awesome, Dana! I plan to do the same thing with my refund when we get it, we usually get about enough back to pay for most of our vacation each year.


Dana! YOU ROCK!!! Woohoo!!! :c)

That had to feel G O O D! :c)


That must be such a great feeling. I actually get excited everytime I charge something on my Disney Visa knowing the reward points will be saved up for next year’s trip!! (not so excited when the credit card bill comes though!!!)


Congrats, I know that feels great. Being in Human Resources my office was flooded with calls recently asking if W2’s had gone out yet. I know I plan to use a little chunk of my tax return for Disney.


Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a good feeling!!! congrats!! ENJOY!!! October… here comes Dana!!!


Oh that is great! What a good feeling having that much paid already. We still don’t even have all of our tax info yet.


Gee that’s great. Can you come over here and teach me a thing or two about budgeting? I never have any money in advance.


the same thing i love the tax rebate and we took is for disney too.

Mickey Mouse is the leader of the pack right Erin. you rock.


That is just GREAT Dana! I love to have a chunk of money to pay for something fun :mickey:


Almost feels as good as a martini!! LOL! Good for you! Have you gone to Staples yet for the book???


Awesome dana!!
You are going to be all set up nice for that trip!


Wow Dana! You are awesome! I don’t even have my March trip paid for yet!


Pffff. . . We’re waiting for W-2’s so we can use the refund to pay for our trip and sock away spending money. C’mon W-2’s.