Share in my happiness


I envy you being so organized, Dana! That’s terrific.


:flowers: Congratulations, that is a great feeling! :flowers:



I still have to DO my W2s before I can file my taxes. Thank goodness they aren’t due until the 31st!


Congrats Dana!! I’m still waiting for all of my tax stuff to come in too so I can file…hope I’ll have my $$ in time for our March trip!! That’s awesome that you could file so early and beat the rush!!


That’s GREAT Dana!!! :biggrin: Congrats to you!!!

I hope to pay off most of my trip with my tax refund too!


I went to Staples last night and the book is set up. I even put my passes into their little folder in a coordinating envelope…lol I love making my Disney book. I took a good hour or more to hand draw the cover…I need stickers for that…lol I am SO pumped. DBF told me last night not to mention the trip again for two weeks…lololol


Thanks all for sharing in my excitement. It feels good to at least know the place I am staying at is paid for and that I have passes for me and the girls. The rest is cake. I hope to have all the rest paid in full by March with only spending money to save. I love planning!!!


Congratulations Dana. I am so jealous. I did my taxes last weekend only to find out that I could not file because an update I need to run Tax Cut will not be available until the first week in February. The first year I get mine and DW’s W2s early and I can’t file until the update the software… :angry:


I already planned which day I was going to what park!! :laugh:
OCD to the max!!! :wacko:
I just have to fine tune it and maybe make some adjustments becuause I will be there for SS weekend.

And Iam curious as to how you make your Disney notebook?!


Congrats to you Dana!!!
I just LOVE having it all paid so far before I go, just leaves obsessive planning now :laugh:
Gotta love those Taxes eh? (wish I worked a job that paid me enough to get money back haha)


Thanks Tessa! Yes, now I have plenty of time to obsessively plan away must to my DBF’s dismay…lol


Geez Dana… Since you’ve almost got it paid off, then it probably wouldn’t be too much trouble to add in just one extra ticket for the DewMan… Right? :tongue:

Congrats on getting closer to having a PAID trip… :biggrin:


So excited for you Dana! :happy: