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Just an FYI- My dad called last night to try to get reservations at WDW for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. He could not get a room below $510.00 per night. I am assuming that these are suites or concierge rooms somewhere. I knew that it would be crowded then, but WOW! The people that he is going with do not want to make ADR’s ahead of time. (Yes, I know that they are crazy…) :wacko: I told him good luck… If you are going during this time- I would prepare yourself for a very festive WDW. WOW!!!


Hmm, strange. The moderates and value resorts are sold out as usual, but the deluxe resorts have rooms.

Animal Kingdom Lodge, savannah view room: $468.30
Wilderness Lodge, courtyard view room: $440.44
Beach Club, standard view room: $511.80

Expensive, yes, but available. These are the nightly rates with tax for a room only reservation.


That’s criminal. WDW is great, but I wouldn’t pay more than $150 a night at AKL (and I never have).


The year that my mother and I stayed at PC for New Year’s Eve,we got our reservation on December 26th,the last day reservations could be cancelled without a penalty. i would suggest that anyone wanting to stay on NYE only and doesn’t want to pay the outrageous prices of the Deluxes do the same.


Wow! That is amazing! Guess I’ll never make a spur of the moment Christmas trip!


We once paid almost $5,500 for a Delta Dream Vacations package that included parks, a 1-br villa at BWV, and airfare. (Go ahead and giggle… I was new to this whole thing!) It was embarrassingly expensive, but it was so incredibly great that we felt OK about it! Hope this helps…


It’s just money to some people. Wish I had that kind to throw, I mean vacation, away. :pinch:


December 20-Jan 3 2002/3 POR with silver package for 2 adults 1 child $7500