Sharpay Costumes?


Does anyone know where I can find a fairly good priced Sharpay costume? My DD wanted to get it for the trip and I wanted to start looking early. I looked on Ebay but they were a bit high. Thanks…


I don’t know about the whole costume, but I know they had Sharpay wigs at Claire’s Accessories (do you have those stores?) at the mall…I saw them next to the Hannah Montana wigs, and I think the lady said they were $15.


I have got to get this for my DD for her bday… I can never make anything like this. I wonder if I give a pic to the lady at the place that sews my pant hems if she could make this for a cheaper price? Anyone on here sew? :laugh:

Custom High School Musical Sharpay Bop to the Top Dress - eBay (item 110202472569 end time Feb-02-08 14:12:51 PST)


I checked out the costume online (blue dress?). I imagine you could find something at a regular store that would be similar to some of the other outfits she wears. Maybe you could find something she could wear more than a few times.


Like perhaps on a macys prom clearance rack or something? I love that custome blue dress… That look like Sharpays dress to a t. I still wonder if I could give that pic to a tailor and have it made


Yes we do have a claires. Im not really looking for something with a wig because it may be hot and I dont want to hear them say all day long that they are itchy:laugh:


:laugh: That’s a good point…that wouldn’t be very comfortable for walking around the parks!


You could have someone make that dress…especially if you were only wanting a costume. You could make a simple spaghetti strap dress and then find fabric to create the flowing bottom. A high quality dress would cost a lot but a costume might be less.


:eek: I’m not joking, if I were blonde, I would buy this dress in an instant and be all set for Halloween! (I guess I could look into that wig thing…:laugh:) That dress is AMAZING, and I am not ashamed to admit that I’m Ryan-and-Sharpay obsessed. Actually, I’m listening to “Humuhumu” right now…:blush:


Im so out of the loop. Do you know where I could go for that? Would a dance costume place make it?


I :heart: this dress. If I wasnt so fluffy I would get it for my self… My DD would love it… I dont know if I want to pay that much for it. Maybe for her bday and a special gift but I think I could have it made at a tailor cheaper. Im not to sure but Im obsessed with it…

#12 High School Musical Deluxe Sharpay Costume (Large): Toys & Games

Amazon has one for around $30 with super saving shipping


Yeah I’m saving the link, thanks for showing it to me! :laugh: I think I’m going to become obsessed with it too!


High School Musical Deluxe Sharpay Child - Costumes

They have one too…no free shipping


Thanks for the link… Thats a great price… I will have to check that out… For now I need to stop obsessing about that other dress… Im about to go to walmart and get a light blue body suite thingie and start sewing:laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I just checked my bank account online… Darn mortgage and car payment:laugh:


Could this pass for Sharpays dress?


I agree that the expensive dress if far more beautiful. You can probably find a pretty fabric at the store to create the skirt…just find something that doesn’t fray…a softer irridescent (sp?) tulle would probably work best. It looks like gathered fabric cut in petals, attached to a skirt it would work. Just add some sequence to the top and you will have the outfit.


:laugh: I know, I think the only thing stopping me is the fact that I still don’t have a WDW trip locked down - that’s first priority this year! :laugh:


I like that dress and it would pass for me, especially if it was reasonably priced.