She is leaving tomorrow for the college program


it is here i cant belive it my DD is flying out tomorrow at 7:00 am for florida. we have to be at the baltimore airport at 5:00 am which means we have to get up at 2 am and leave here buy 3:00 am. as it is close to a hour and a half and we want to give ourselves extra time. Im so excited for her and proud . she has wanted to do this since she was five. [ work for disney} just all of you send some pixie dust our way… i know im going to cry:crying: . she has never been so far away before.


awww, how very exciting. You MUST go and visit her :wink:


Congrats for your Disney Daughter! :happy:


How very exciting!!! Will you be able to visit her while she is there?


probably not we are going in May early June for six night so we may not be able to afford a trip before … DH mentioned flying down in March her B day is the 8th just for the weekend


I wish her all the luck! It is a memory she will always have!!!


This will be an incredible experience for her!!!