Sheraton Studio City anyone?


Looking for a hotel outside of Disney to stay at for 2 weeks in June. Needs to have some sort of transportation to Disney/SeaWorld/Universal/Wet n Wild and this hotel seems to prived that.

Anyone had any exeperience here? Know anywhere better? I really want a hotel with good IDrive location and transport


This is a really nice hotel however it’s a little far from Disney, maybe 10 miles. It’s right outside of Universal so it’s a bit of a hike to Disney.


Yes…quite far…more than 10 miles…I’d say at least 20-25…I think. I’d be very surprised if they had transportation to the Disney Resort…but if they do…that’s great!


according to the write up on the hotel on Travel City it says they provide Disney Transport, if they don’t though does anyone know how we’d get there? We wont have a car and are looking at at least 5 days spent at Disney


Umm…oops…realized you meant Studio City in Florida(?) not California…


Quite often when they do provide the transportation it’s once to the park and once home. Also they often charge an additional fee as it’s an out sourced company. I’m not the biggest fan of using the hotel bus system. It’s no where near as reliable as Disney Transportation.


thats something im worried about because we were planning a 5 day pass to disney and Im not sure how taxis etc would work out, there is no way we will be getting a car, my DB has only been driving for a few months over here in the UK.


What about splitting your weeks up? Stay at a hotel for seaworld/universal studios one week and then take a cab to a disney resort so you can use their transportation all week. I would save disney for last though…imo.


thats a pretty good idea, would just have to work out the cost etc and convince the boyf lol, i wonder, would we get the dining plan if we did that thrown in?