She's GONE!


My sister left this morning for Disney…She’s probably landing right now…:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

No, don’t worry about me:crying: , I’ll be alright.:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


aaahhh… did she leave you all alone?


:crying: :crying: :crying: yes :crying: :crying: :crying:


So, so sorry. Bad sister :pinch:


LOL!! I know how you feel. I come from a large extended close knit family. 2 aunts and 1 uncle are DVC members so somebody is ALWAYS leaving for a trip without me.

My favorite aunt goes minumim 3 times a year and LOVES to call me and tease me while she’s there.

Maybe she’ll bring you back something nice???


Well… you just log on to MB whenever U need some company.


I’m going in December but it still stings when she’s already there.:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


Awww - but YOU’LL be there in December - AND SHE WON’T!:laugh:


And in Dec. you’ll get to ride the new, improved HM and she won’t!


But I want to be there NOW!!:angry:

(I’m stamping my feet)


have a fun disney night at home tonight- watch the park video, make some popcorn, listen to disney music, read your restaurant menus for where you’ll eat on your trip…you’ll be fine - you get the Christmas decorations and she doesn’t you know!!


I know, I know, it’s painful. One of my good friends at school (a fellow teacher) left to go stay at the Boardwalk for a week. I was VBERY jealous :tongue: It’s painful to be left behind!! :glare:


Aww don’t cry lol. I know how you feel, my friend leaves for Disney on Sunday. Without me. But it’s OK, I’m going soon too :happy: I ease the pain by planning my upcoming trip and watching everything Disney :wub:


It will be ok. If you need your your fix do what emamasa suggested or read DT’s TR.


I feel your pain. My Dad called me on Sunday and said, “Guess where we are?” I guessed he was sitting at the pool at CBR and I was right. :frowning: Although, he said they got nothing done that day at MK. He said the wait for Peter Pan was 50 min (not abnormal this time of the year though) and 20 min for Small World (I’ve rarely seen a wait there). I told him he made the mistake of going on a weekend day and not getting there until 5pm…DUH!!! LOL Anyway, I’m still jealous that he’s THERE. Makes me that much more excited for our trip in Oct. I can’t wait to go during a slow time. :slight_smile:


I called my sister 3 times yesterday just to try and get some disney magic through the phone. :glare:

She said that it was very very hot and that I shouldn’t feel sad that I wasn’t there. :crying:

I feel better today. Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday. :wub:


Don’t worry your not alome. My girlfriend arrived Thursday and spent yesterday at the Magic Kingdom. And got a phone call this morning say she really is enjoying it. I’m pleased for her, I just wish it was me hehe!!

Just keep logging on here and looking at photos and it will soon be your turn to go! :happy:



Dangermouse, I see that you stayed at Wilderness Lodge, That’s where we are staying. Could you give me alittle insight about it?:ph34r:


Dangermouse, I see that you stayed at Wilderness Lodge, That’s where we are staying. Could you give me alittle insight about it?

Of course. Firstly the pictures that you see do not do it justice. Yeah the photos look beautiful but seeing the place first hand is one of those never forget moments for me.

The building its self is a work of art and its typically Disney. When I say that I mean the standards of this place are very high. No rubbish, no mess and everything has its own place.

The entrance area is the main point of the building, and is stunning. A big fireplace with rocking chairs, even in the summer it is beautiful, a little water fall that leads from the entrace down into the pool. (and down by the pool a geezer that sets off every hour I believe).

Also in the entrace is one of the resturant called Wispering Canyon. If you like a lively fun atmosphere while your eating this is the place. Oh and if you go make sure to ask for ketchup!! :laugh:

There is a snack/fast food place call roring forks, they offer sandwiches, breakfast and snacks all day and good for a quick bite to eat.

Another resturant is Artist Point. This is a nice quiet resturant that offers brilliant food. Try the buffalo its is the best!! And also the fruit cobbler for desert :blush:

Rooms are stunning and most of them have been updated with flash new televisions.

And the best thing about it all?? Well its Disney, but the big plus is that it is so easy to get to the parks. Take a boat to the Magic Kingdom. Or a short bus to Epcot.

Believe me when I say this, you will not be dispointed with Wilderness Lodge and I would recomend it to anyone

If you need any more info just PM me and i’ll be happy to have a chat!! :blush:


PS You can have your thread back now!! Hehehe!!


You’re the BEST!!! Thank you so much for your insight. :wub: