's a surprise


…until TOMORROW that is!
We hang this up for Noah tomorrow. 1 month to go. He is going to be so happy, he has been asking to go back to Disney for a while now.


That is so cool…I bet he will be so happy!!


You know what that means??? In a few weeks, we are going to see a great t-shirt that you made. I remember the shirts were sooooo cute. I still have your instructions (never did it though) on how to make them.

I’ll have make one of those boards for my DGD as the trip gets closer. :happy:


OHHHH, I love the 30 day count down calendar. I know you are so excited. Those last 30 days seem to be a killer. Keep us informed on how he takes the surprise.


That is so precious!! What a cute idea! I’ve gotta do something creative with mickey paint chips now! :laugh:


Awesome!! And you used the paint swatches for numbers, what a great idea!! I used to snag them when ds was younger to help learn colors lol. I love your idea too.


Very cute!


What a cute idea!! I love the paint sample thingys used that way!


I love it - and something like that will be perfect for the kids on our next trip with them. Thanks so much for the idea!


Oh your welcome Cyn.

Thanks everyone!
We just told him and he wasn’t as excited as we thought he’d be…but I don’t think it has totally sunk in to him yet. He thinks it is just a fun thing to put stickers on each day. I keep explaining when we get to the white mickey we leave, then he perks up a bit.
His fish died today and it is his first real experience with death so it has been a confusing day for him. Maybe tomorrow he will be a little more excited…maybe it is too far away…maybe I should have done only a 10 day countdown, but some friends of ours with little ones are going to be there the same time as us and we see them next weekend so they would have told him anyways.

jo-jo You have a great memory. Sadly I didn’t make any t-shirts this time. I made WAY to many last time LOL. I think we had 3 shirts for each day. We are just going to use some shirts from the Disney store that he already has and maybe just some plain ones too…I think he might have like 6 Disney tees tho that we got onsale so he should be ok.