Ship Reviews


I want to branch out to the other two ships, since I have only done Wonder, which I did love. Has anyone sailed on Magic? I can’t wait for all of the ships to be up and running.


I have sailed on the Magic, but I have no other ship to compare it to. We have really loved our sailings. What is it about the Wonder that you didn’t love?


Wonder and Magic are essentially the same ship. They are twins.

My only other comparison is NCL. I can tell you the Disney cabins are larger than industry standards by a good bit - even though they feel small. And Travel & Leisure Magazine recently ranked the big cruise lines world wide & Disney came in at #4. None of the usual - Carnival, Royal Caribbean or NCL - made top 10.


Typo, I did love it. So much so that we are doing it again.


Figured that was the case. Like me, can’t type OR spell! :eek::laugh: