Shipping home multi items


I plan on doing some Christmas shopping in DTD, including ornaments and a beer stein from Germany. I want to ship both home and my question is, is there a place I can ship items from two different stores? Will my resort (OKW) do it? I’m sure it’s going to be expensive, but I don’t want to have to fly home with them. :eek:


I always let the shop package and ship the items, even if it’s separately. If they pack and ship it they will replace anything that’s broken when it arrives. It’s happened to us more than once and Disney has always sent replacement ornaments with no questions. I’m sure if you pack it and ship it Disney won’t replace a broken item.


You can have Disney ship the items home when you purchase…I have done that. Right from the location. You fill out a shipping form, and they will tell you the price. I have purchased many things this way—and it doesn’t take as long as they tell you it will. Never had anything arrive broken. You will have to pay the shipping on each purchase but…

You might ask if they will ship other purchases made from other Disney locations at one DTD…for example, I wonder if you can carry your German Stein with you to DTD and take them all to your last purchase stop…since they all come from a Disney location, I wonder if they will just take it and ship it for you? I don’t know about that one. We usually just ship as we purchase.


I don’t think they will ship items from other stores but you can ask.


I didn’t know they did this service. I wonder if they ship internationally? I know over the years we have put things back as we couldn’t figure out how we’d get them home in one piece. Might be worth asking next trip if its possible.


The cost is astronomical Karen - often more than the purchase price. I’ve looked into it several times and I just can’t justify it.


Oh Ok thanks for that Janice, if its very expensive to Canada, what would it be to the UK- never mind, thanks again.:flowers:


It would probably be cheaper to book a cabin on the Queen Mary and sail home.:happy: