Shipping something home


I thought I had heard that you can have something you buy at Disney shipped back to your home. Is that true? Has anyone done it? Any idea of the cost?


We always do a major shopping trip to the big Disney store at DTD. We always ship everything home. The cost is about what you would pay to ship any box via UPS or something like that. It is always quicker than what they say it is, and they pack it well…nothing ever broken…

This upcoming trip we are taking smaller suitcases so we definitely will utilize this service. :slight_smile:


We do it almost every trip. I can’t give you the cost because it depends on the total of purchase, the higher the total the more it costs. I think we usually pay about $15 for a decent purchase($80-100). Don’t quote me because I may be way off but I’ve never though it was unreasonable. We ship Christmas ornaments home because I don’t want to fly home with them and risk breaking them. When something is broken when Disney ships it they will replace it at no cost to you.


We also always do it. We are suckers for the Christmas store and it is so nice to just give them the address and know our stuff will meet us at home.



We bought two glass beer steins in Germany and had them shipped. Like disneyteacher said, Disneywill replace them if broken and you don’t have to give them a second thought for the rest of the trip. I don’t remember the cost but it was not bad.


We haven’t done it, but I reaalllllly want someone to buy the crystal castle there on main street for $25k and ship it home and tell us all how it turned out. I see that thing every time and I never think “wow, beautiful”, but instead think “who would spend that?” and “how the heck do you get that home?”. LOL


That sounds great. When my husband and I were on our Honeymoon (30 yrs ago) We had this wine at a restaurant, Parducci Chardonnay. My husband really liked it and we’ve never seen it since. Maybe because we live in NJ and they don’t have it in our area. I was on another site Easywdw, who posts many many pictures and one was of the liquor case at AofA and they had Parducci Chardonnay. I couldn’t believe it. So maybe I can buy several and have them ship it home.


The cool part is when the packages arrive at your house. It extends the vacation.


I do not believe that they can ship alcohol.


thanks I’ll have to check on that.


We have done it. We have also bought a Christmas ornament there and had it shipped to a Mousebuzzer. Disney didn’t charge us, I think. If they did, it was expected, they did all the work.


Being from the UK to ship back home usually costs us the same as whatever we have bought - but we know we’re always going to end up buying something we’ll have to ship so we budget for that. The only thing that really winds me up is after paying $100+ for shipping we then get stung with a £60+ delivery charge back this side of the Atlantic! It would be much cheaper for us to ship home from a post office but we have no way of getting to one to do so (unless we cab it)