Shipping things ahead of time?


Anybody ever ship items ahead of time? I’m thinking of shipping our liquid stuff (ex: sunblock, toothpaste/mouthwash, soap, shampoo); trying to avoid checking any baggage this trip. Please advise - thanks all!


I just did it.
You get the address & phone of the resort you’ll be at. Send it away and call to let them know you’ll be recieving a package.
Be sure to add c/o: your name or name on the reservation.
Best of luck, much easier to go that route anyway.


Just curious but wouldn’t the cost of shipping liquids (which are very heavy) outweigh the costs of purchasing them there, even if it were those items in the gift shop that are a little pricey?:happy:


Actually for us, the things we shipped are normally shipped to my house anyway. So instead of having all shipped here we split it up to last us while there. But I hear a lot of people do ship those things. Ussually we drive so it’s not a problem.


You might be right…although I checked with the resort and they only sell spray sunblock (which I dislike). I’ll probably take my items up and see what the cost would be before shipping.


I am curious about shipping as well. Doe anyone have any costs specific to what you shipped? What type of items do people ship?


Since we drive, it is not an issue but if we flew I would maybe ship pool towels, for one, as they take up so much room. Also, I have heard of people shipping snacks and such. Liquids, I can understand because of the carry on rule.

I dont think we would ever be able to fly…we bring all kinds of room decorations (think all our mickey ears, pirate flag, disney stuffed animals, etc!)


Decided not to ship anything. I have a $25 voucher for AirTran that will cover the cost of checking a bag.