Could anyone tell me the site that you can have special shirts made. Zazzles?


Have you looked at these?


Here’s the zazzle link…


Yeah I think Zazzle is the best for Disney T’s.


ANy ideas for sayings for a 4th b-day for a little girl?


You can design at shirt on the disney store website.



Just though I’d let you know that I’ve order from Zazzle and their service is great and the shirts we ordered were perfect!


If you had time on your hands, this might save you money! :happy:
T-shirt transfer paper

You can write your own message and put your own image on the t shirt of your choosing! Just be careful about the LIGHT transfer paper and the DARK. The light is better with white t shirts, trust me. :laugh:


We did some for Christmas. They came nicely!


Zazzle made me mad… They won’t let us get JD on a shirt… Dumb ole Zazzle… :angry:


Dewey whats JD?

I really wanna get a shirt made for my friend when she comes to WDW to work 3 months after me. Glad people have ordered them and they turned out ok, good to know!


JD is my son’s name. It’s short for John Dewey. He’s named after me. I’m the III, and he’s the IV. JD isn’t one of the options they offer for names… :sad:


awwww John Dewey is such a cute name! :wub:
That’s lame they don’t just offer ANY name…


The offical disney shopping site now has a link to zazzles where you can create your own shirt. Just go to Always check first to see if there is a coupon offered. You may save a few bucks.


I’m sure they do a better job at the websites, but you can always buy iron on t-shirt transfers and design your own tees on your home computer. I design and print them up at home and give them out to friends to iron them on their own shirts.


I know, that’s what I thought. I don’t know why they don’t just let you type in the name… Maybe they were worried some not-so-nice people might get something naughty… But what I thought was weird was this… In the choices they offer, they had some weird stuff like Jean Claude. Now, if Jean Claude’s parents can get him a t-shirt, then why can’t I? :laugh:

I’ve heard the Zazzle shirts are made nice though…