I want to have shirts done for our trip in September. But I have questions. Is it too late to have them made? Who do people use? What to say on them? Is this silly?


You can get personalized shirts at but I’m not sure how long it would take to receive them. Otherwise, just find a place in the mall that does embroidery or silk screening to have them done. I don’t think it should take to long unless you’re leaving the first week of September.

I don’t think it’s silly at all especially since you’ll be at Disney. Now if you were just going to your local mall dressed alike, then yes that’s silly. Anyways, get a shirt that’s not the normal white, black, grey, blue or red. Pick a color that will stand out in the crowd maybe a yellow, orange, purple or green. That way you’ll also always be able to find your gang.


I don’t think its silly at all. We saw so many groups that did this last year and it looked realy neat.

#4 will do Disney shirts with their Disney images and i think they have express shipping.


Are we really worried about what looks silly? Don’t we give up the right to worry the first time we wore Mickey ears? :blush:


I don’t think it’s silly at all. So far our family has purchased like shirts from the Disney Store and we’ve worn them all at the same time on our flights and at least one day in the parks. I would love to have shirts made with some clever saying so I’ll have to check out Zazzle.


My DH will NOT wear matching clothes (not even the same color!) but we made him wear matching shirts this summer and we had a blast. We had two different sets of shirts and had fun with it. We got ours from Zazzle and we were happy with what was sent and they came VERY quickly.


What kind of shirts do you want? I made shirts for my mom’s 50th birthday at WDW on cafepress. You can just design your own image, upload it, and order your shirts from them. Here’s the ones I made for my mom (and dad). You have to make them generic, not Disney prints, since they are copyrighted.

Nanu’s Birthday Shirts-40th, 50th, and more! :


I had a bad experience with quality control with Zazzle, and even though their customer service did try to make it right, there obviously wasn’t any communication between them and production.

We finally had shirts that were close enough to being right- and they were fun. Just white shirts, but everyone had their favorite character in the same style of artwork and they all looked great together.

If I were doing the same shirt for everyone, I’d probably make my own iron-on transfers. I’ve had great results with the ones HP makes for dark colored shirts.


Thanks everyone! I will try Zazzle! My DH said that he would wear one, for one day only!


How do you get started making your own?


I like Zazzle also…they ship fast.


Packerbeth since I don’t live to far from you. maybe a couple hours each way. I will come to your house so you can help me!


I actually made matching shirts for MNSSHP last year for myself, DD, DH, and my mom and MIL. I just made iron-ons, with a pattern I stole from another site, then put all our names on the back. It was pretty cool. DD dressed up like a princess most of the night and we were supposed to be the pirates that kidnapped her. It rained so much that night that she ended up taking off the princess dress and just wearing her t shirt too!


If you still haven’t made your shirts… Zazzle has free shipping this weekend. promo code is labordaysale