My daughter will be wearing her princess dresses while we are at Disney World and does not want to wear “ugly tennis shoes” with her dress. What do you all suggest for cute and comfort? What about the newer crocs (the ones shaped like flats)? If I let her choose she would wear pink glitter flats with no arch or support:wacko: Thanks!


I’ve seen lots of little princesses wearing those crocs…can’t comment on firsthand though… I would just add that if you choose shoes you are not sure of…I would suggest putting the shoes you know are comfie in your backpack or a park locker… Nothing much worse than when your feet are getting sore!!!


Make sure you have bandaids with you also. Blisters pop up so quickly with the amount of walking. If she is going to be wearing new/unfamiliar shoes, the possibility of getting blisters increases and the bandaids will be a welcome relief.


My daughter wore the mary jane style crocs with her Rapunzel dress. It was very cute we bought a few jibbitz to add some Disney flair to them. I would definitely recommend bandaids. Although if you do forget them the first aid centers keep them on hand.


Maybe if she broke the shoes in before you go it wouldn’t be so bad. Or have her wear socks with them, and bring Disney Princess band-aids.


I recommend them.


my little princess wore toms…comfortable

she wore them there every day and with BBB get up and wears Toms everyday to school Toms - Tiny Classic Glitter Shoes: Shoes


Not worth it to me. Her Majesty (DD4) wore her sneakers!


I purchased some stuff that you are supposed to rub on your feet to keep your shoes from rubbing blisters - ill let you know if it works!