Shop the Parks . com?


any one here ever order from I would like to know your experiences if you dont mind.


hmm this is not a good sign …no one has purchased anything from that website?


Hmm…I’m interested too. I hope someone has shopped there. I have to wait an entire year to shop the real parks. :crying:


it seems they have some great things …but after all the trouble I had with orders from that other site … I am leery of ordering from them.
if no one else has seen it … it


Did I read it wrong or is this a buying club type thing?


oooooh looks cool. I want to Candlelight Processional CD.
Thanks for the link…now if only I had a credit cad :tongue:


you do not have to join …but if you do you get cheaper prices …they go to the park and buy the items and ship them to you from what I have read


Very, very cool. Might help with the long wait after the upcoming trip! Thanks!


Oh oh oh what site encquiring minds need to know!!!
(^ Yeah i know big word)


I can’t remember the name of the other site … but I never got my but one order and I was very disappointed with it.


mainstreet mega store …that was the site I was unhappy with and will not buy anything else from …but i am about to make a couple of purchases from …hopefully they will be more dependable !!


oh ok now i know where not to shop!!! That looked like a nice shop place though. Has lots of stuff too.


well I have placed my first order … a 50 year celebration tee and a goofy window cling (I am Goofy what’s your excuse) and I will let ya’ll know if I am pleased with how it goes… I just wish you could order turkey legs and mickey premium bars there :slight_smile:


I ordered some die-cast ride vehicles from Main Street Megastore, and had no problems. But I recently got an e-mail from them saying they were going out of business, and recommended for my future purchases.

You can also buy official theme park merchandise at


Mainstreet megastore…ughhh…it took them 2 months…YES,2 months… to get back to me to let me know the merchandise I ordered was no longer in stock–I understand your hesitation. But, I did get an email saying they were closing down and to go to you’ll have better luck there and the mainstreet megastore people didn’t move over. Let us know if you have any problems!


yep …the first order I placed with Main Street the order took nearly 3 months to get here … I never got the second order and they sent me a code for something free …so I tried that …it didnt work …they sent me another one and it worked but it was 2 months before I got that … I never bothered again.


Wow! Why didn’t I think of that concept!! :dry:


I can’t get the website to pull up. It says the server cannot be found. Did they go out of business that fast? :wacko:


I got the same message! :mickey:


Try it again, it worked for me.

Also try this one, I’m not sure which is better.