Shop till you drop!


Just starting a thred to say what your fave shop in DL, CA or DTD is and why!

I of course love the empourium! Always spend LOTS of time in front of the windows taking pics, but I’m sure everyone does that!
I also love the 20th Century Music Company! I spend oodles of time there singing songs :mickey:


I LOVE world of disney at DTD!!! it just has everything for everyone…and it is HUGE!!! can spend a year in there…hehehe…if you had a year’s worth of money


I love Off the Page in DCA! I love all the character art.


that one shop in dtd the one with all of the nautical stuff, they are kind of rude in there. but all of the other shops are great. in dl we love the emporium and in ca we really like the on across the way from soarin.


LOVE :wub: World of Disney in DTD!!!


Oh gosh, it’s so hard to decide!!

I love browsing in Disneyana…but it’s not like I could ever afford anything in there! :whistling

My fave shops probably have to be World of Disney in DTD and the Emporium in DL, and the shop next to Grizzly River Run in DCA. (I can’t remember what it’s called.) :heart: I loooooove to shop!!!


Probably the villain store in New Orleans Square in DL.
I can’t remember what it’s called exactly…shame.


World of Disney in DTD (of course)
We always have fun in the Lego store (not sure what it’s called) in DTD
Disney Clothiers - Main Street
Chester Drawers - Togs for Toddlers - Main Street


I really like Mousegears and the Japan department store in Epcot, the emporium and le chapeau in MK, the writer’s stop and the muppets store at MGM, and the big, fun, colorful stores at AK (on discovery island? is that what it’s called?).


In the MK, I love the Main Street Emporium. Brings back many great childhood memories.

My ultimate favorite shop used to be the House of Treasure located at the exit of the PoC ride. I stress used to be because they closed it down, opting for selling the less expensive pirates gear in the bazzaar. It broke my heart last time I was there because I peeked inside the closed doors (sign said “CMs Only”) to find the interior untouched, but emptied except for serving as a storage area for more stupid spray fans. Aaaargh, ye pain, shot one thru me heart matey!! :pirate:


Somebody help me! It’s happening again!!!

Auuuuggghhhhhhh :eek: :nonono2:




Ooooooooooops! Sorry just thought my DW started this thread, when I saw the topic. Whewww! Just kidding. We love DTD & the Countries!



Mousegears in EPCOT.

World of Disney & Once upon a toy store in DTD.

I use to like the Magic Shop in Magic Kingdom, now I guess it would be the Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Area (forget the name).


I am kind of partial to Main Street stores (as I used to work there)…I really like the Disney Showcase (has most of the “retro” looking stuff…In DCA I really like the store across from Soarin’ (can’t remember the name of it for the life of me!).

Also, we LOVE Pooh Corner and probably spent more time there than anywhere, as it was always less crowded, not to mention the Honey and waffle cookies!! YUMMY!


OMG!! :eek: How could I have forgotten Pooh Corner???
That’s my fave store. Hands down. :heart: DH and I LOVE IT THERE!!!


World of Disney in DTD


DBF and I discovered this store on our trip in Dec! It’s sooo cool!
I also like the British store…but World of Disney is my favorite…of course


WOD is my favorite, then Poohs Corner and I cant remember the name of it but it something Bros and they have 2 stores 1 in DTD and the other is inside the castle. They sell alot of the Disney crystal things, artwork, statues etc… Ooooh and the Art of Disney store I love to go in there and drool… :blink:


My favorite is the World of Disney in DTD, but if we go to MGM, I always have to go in the villians store… ºoºJudy


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