Shopping Alternative


When I travel to WDW I always schedule in atleast a half day of shopping at DTD. Yeah!! But the problem is that DH is not a big fan of shopping, so can I get some suggestions on what DH can do while I shop? By the way he doesn’t golf either.



Does he like video games? Disney Quest is in the DTD area. I sent DS and DH to Disney Quest to play three stories worth of video/interactive games and I went shopping. :happy:


We always seem to do our shopping at night and there’s always something going on at DTD. There’s an entertainment area by the lake near the big World of Disney store that always has something going on. We also love to walk through the club area over to Cirque just to see whats going on. There’s always music, street magicians, juggles, dancers, etc to watch… It’s fun to pop into the Harley store and take a pose on the bike in the window and take a few pictures. We take a look inside of Planet Hollywood and Trex, places we’ve never been before…we LOVE the nightlife of DTD…


Does the Nightlife at DTD exist during October also or just the summer months?


I really want to say it’s year round. Most of our trips take place in March, May and June…but we’ve also gone in December a couple of times and I want to say the outside entertainment was going on then too.


I have the same problem - DS and I are shopaholics. We just spent 5 hours and a bzillion dollars at DTD last week. DH went to the pool, drank some beer and relaxed. He had a great time and so did we!


Thanks for the suggestions


Take a ride in the hot air balloon near the West Side/Pleasure Island area, go to Disney Quest, stay at the hotel and relax in the room or by the pool. Catch the Water Pageant parade if you are shopping at night.


I usually head over to the lounge at Fulton’s and have few glasses wine and prehaps an appetizer while my wife shops. I bring reading material. However they do have a couple of TVs tuned to any sport’s events that may be on.

Another option would be to drop you off and have him head over to the Boardwalk and go to the ESPN club. If you won’t have a car, he can always take a bus.