Shopping hours in DTD?


I found the store listings for DTD on DL’s website but it never mentioned anything about shop times. I was just wondering how late things keep lively in DTD?

Do all the stores (ie Sephora, Illuminations, WOD…) stay open until the same time or do they all run on their own schedules? I am assuming the hours are different on weekends. Considering I am going to be in DL from a Tuesday-Friday I wonder what time I can expect to enjoy the shopping til?

Anyone have any idea/tips?

I am assuming this will be a good time to leave good ole’ Pops and hit Sephora on my own. Or wait, hhhmmmm, maybe not?!? haha :wink:


I believe DTD stays open pretty late. Definately until 10pm–I think, definately?


I thought DL’s DTD might be different b/c it has a lot more “mall-type” retail stores. Where’s AnaheimBoy when you need him? hehe.


Looking it up it just says “hours vary by location.” Sounds dodgy.


Disneyland friends… disneyland!!! hehe!!!


Sorry, I missed the DL reference.


Noticed and edited accordingly…


I LOVE that word “dodgy,” you have no idea. Are you English?


I think most of the stores are open 'til about 9-10pm… As my family shopped around in December I cannot recall any dissapointment that a shop was closed after we left the park, excluding Friday and Saturday when the park was open 'til midnight or so.

Also on my trip in May of 2004 it was much the same…

Wish, you are going to DL in late June, right? You may find that the DTD hours are still pretty good (in that 9-10pm ballpark for most - some later), but I think the Park’s operating hours will most likely surpass the DTD hours most (if not all) days! :happy:

And I agree that not posting hours somewhere where us Disneyfanatics can see them is pretty dodgy! :tongue:


Unfortunately, no. I lived in the UK for about a year and a half and “dodgy” just stuck with me.


Wow! Only 16 days til your trip! :closedeye


I know that DTD at WDW stay open til 11pm