Short Trip just Growing and Growing


We are Seasonal Pass Holders and they expire on 8/22. DW and I talked it over and decided that we needed to try and take advantage of our passes since we probably will not renew them next year.
So I did a little research and found out that the Summer Blackout period ends on August 15th. At first we thought about making several day trips since we live about an hour from WDW.
But on a whim I decided to try and get a last minute reservation at any DVC resort for next week.
Around 3 weeks ago I started calling and was only able to get a room for 2 nights at SSR for Saturday 8/16 & Sunday 8/17. So I booked it. Now for any of you who are DVC members, you know that Friday and Saturday are high point nights, but we were desperate.
I put myself on a waiting list but knew that if I kept calling I might get lucky. Well Last week I called on Tuesday and was able to add a night 8/18. Then last Thursday I added 8/19. So now our little trip was 4 nights. Well this morning I called and was able to add 2 more nights.
So now our little last minute trip is a full week, 8/16 thru 8/22.
The kids are going to flip out when they find out.

I guess the moral to the story is to be persistant with Member Services and you never know what you can get.


That’s great. I wish I was close enough to be able to do that


that Rocks! Have a super time…and get back and tell us All about it!


Oooo thats fantastic! Have a great time!


Awesome, congrats to you! I just did the SAME exact thing! :tongue: I saw that my pass expires August 22nd and I was able to get one of those last minute “ding” airfares for cheap so I am going to SSR next week!! :biggrin: I will only be there the 19th-21st, that’s all they had left but heck, fine with me! Better than sitting home bored. :laugh:

I may see you there! :biggrin:


That’s great have a great trip.


That’s so awesome. I just love hearing stories like this.


WOW! That’s awesome. I am so happy that your persistance paid off.


That’s great! You are going to have a wonderful trip. Now you can slow down and relax a bit more.


Sounds like a great trip. I love it when things work out to be more than anticipated!


I love it when trips like this come together. Have an awesome time!


gcbdad… see if MS can make your ADRs now too, instead of going through Disney Dining. MS made some dining magic for us, and they might be able to get some nice ressies for you too!