Short trip to Orlando


…but no trip to the disney parks :angry:

We will, however, be staying in a hotel across from DTD. Our main goal for this trip is to find a home :tongue: We’re planning on moving to the Kissimmee area Sept/Oct!

My question…after a long day of looking a properties…where is a good place to settle down for dinner outside the parks? We’ll only be in Orlando for 3 days and most of it will be spent with realtors, but I’d love suggestions on any fun disneyish stuff we can do.


No suggestions for you Jen, but wow! You are moving to FL??!! How exciting!


hey, you are leaving us here in the poconos??..well, i guess im not really considered the ‘poconos’, but close enough!
going from one ‘tourist area’ to another!:laugh::laugh: id rather be in the florida tourist area though too!!:happy: good luck!


You’ll love FL!! :flowers:

Well all of DTD you can check out . . . Wolf Gang Pucks Express is deelish! There is the new T-Rex which is just like Rain Forest Cafe, but with a dino theme. I heard Sweet Tomato opened up around there too.

Good luck house hunting . . . you’ll get a SMASHING deal for sure!


Just drive up & down International Drive … Something will catch your eye !!!


Congrats on moving to Fl. You will love it here, I do. Dinner? I would say any of the Wolf Gang Pucks, whether it is express or cafe. You can’t go wrong on either.


Or you could hop on one of the resort busses and eat at one of them. :wub: Good luck on your house hunting. I wish we would have done that years ago.


That’s what I was going to suggest! :happy: You could always eat at one of the MK resorts and watch Wishes…that would give you a little dose of Disney without having to go through the gates of a park.

How exciting that you are moving to FL!! Good luck hunting for the perfect place to live!


The Poly beach is a great place to catch Wishes fireworks!!


wow…i’m totally out of it…i didn’t even think about having dinner at the resorts…maybe Ohana…

Stu wants to try Wolfgang Pucks…it was closed when we were there last February…maybe we can grab lunch there on day…

and thanks…the whole family is excited about the move^^


yumm… I’d try for a Kona Cafe ADR! That place is excellent!



That is so so so exciting! Which areas specifically are you planning on house hunting in?


I am so jealous! Please give us the details on your house hunt. I would looove to have 3 days of househunting and fall in love with a house and buy it on the spot.


So I called Disney dining (cause the website wasn’t working…again) and unfortuantely Ohana is booked solid while we are there and Spoodles (our second choice) will not be Spoodles :eek: anymore by that time. Instead, we’re having dinner at WCC on Aug. 19th which will be just as fun.

So… we’ve been able to sneak some Disney into our trip after all.


I’m still sad about Spoodles!

WC is good though! Enjoy!