Should I be worried? Because I am!


OK, this will be my first experience flying so I am nervous about about everything. I booked our airfare for our upcoming September trip back in November the first day that they were available. The price was good and I had never seen it get any lower. We are flying out of Wichita and connect in Dallas. Well I still go out and check prices for some reason and have noticed that they flight from Dallas to Orlando for the time we have is no longer an option after March. When I pull up our travel dates it still shows it out there but that is the only date I can find that it is now listed. Should I be worried that they will try and change our flights now? It was the perfect flight because it was the last one out at night and since my DH has to work that day we cannot go any earlier. If they change it we are going to have to go a day later and I would really hate to cut the vacation a day shorter. Am I just freaking out or should I really be worried? If they do change it does anyone have any idea how much notice they will give us?


You shouldn’t be worried about flying…
I fly every other month now, in the beginning, I would just close my eye and breath, think MICKEY THOUGHTS and you will be fine. :mickey:


You need to call the airline now and talk to them about it. The flight may be canceled, or it may be changed by 5 minutes and now has a new flight number. It may be discontinued for the summer months and then is activated again in the fall.

Sometimes they’re good about contacting you… sometimes, not so good. So call them! It’ll put your mind at ease… or give you time to make other arrangements.


I think you have to make the phone call.

Let us know how you make out.

Good Luck!!


If they have changed the flight and it’s not convenient for you,you have the right to demand that they change the flights to suit you. Be firm,but polite,though!!!


I would call and check with airlines. I have never had good luck with them rescheduling my flights.


I agree with calling the airline and checking. Better to find out now and have the time to make alternate plans.

We got stuck in a far away airport for 6 hrs with all our kids once because our connecting flight had been cancelled and no one told us.


Well I called last night and they said there hasn’t been any changes. I still think it is going to be changed because they did away with that flight time from April to the date we fly. I doubt they will add it back in for one day just because two tickets have been purchased. I just hope if they do change it they let us know ASAP because either my DH is going to have to beg his boss to let him off early so we can catch an earlier flight which I doubt he will be able to or we are going to have to go from 6 days at the parks to 5 and I really don’t want to do that.


Relax, it will all work out! Chances are, they’ll change the flights several times. Usually they are minor changes but they are very common. This just happened to my parents and my dad called and said this would not work and they were happy to change it to suit him. Just keep in contact with the airline. Also, you can often sign up with the airline to have any changes automatically emailed to you!

Good luck and think happy Mickey thoughts like Dee said!


I agree completely. I don’t know how many times we’ve had flights changed - but we always seem to get there on the right date. And the e-mailing thing works great! Please try and relax.


They may not be showing other flights because they are sold out. Your flight may disappear for the same reason, it doesn’t mean the flight has been cancelled. Airlines are supposed to notify you of changes, but they don’t. I got a recorded call once notifying me, and I was shocked. I would check every month or so, and then once a week maybe the last month, and then either do it by calling, or checking your reservation on-line (if the airline gives you that option).