Should I call?


Just checked-in online for my stay next week at AKL Kidani Villiage. We’re staying in a Dedicated 2-bedroom Savannah View room. I really want to stay on the Sunset Savannah with the giraffes.

Should I call the resort and have that request put on our reservation? Has anyone had any luck doing that? Should I just wait til we get there and request it then since rooms aren’t assigned until check-in?

Thanks all!! :cool:


I say go ahead and call…what can it hurt??


yea give them a call and post the results if you don’t mind?


Have to agree…it never hurts to call


Call, and tell us what happens… Thanks!


Always call up if you have any room requests! I’ll be ringing sometime today to request a room with bunk beds and to let them know what well be celebrating (never hurts to let them know!) we’ve found that through these little phonecalls and chats our rooms have almost always been upgraded to savannah viewat no extra cost! We requested the spring section when we stayed at Saratoga and they had a room ready the day after our arrival :slight_smile: no harm in a phone call!


Alright… I’ll give’m a buzz tomorrow!!


Alright, here’s the skinny. Called up AKL today, thought I had a direct number to Kidani, but they answered Jambo House, still Paige was able to help me out.

Paige was very helpful and answered a couple of quesions I had, but when it came time to adding info to the ressie, she had to transfer me to someone else (which makes me believe the rumor I’ve heard about resort lines going to a call center then being routed to the resort if the call center can’t help out).

Laya was able to add my request about wanting a view of the Sunset Savannah with the giraffes to my ressie and said that the ressie would be reviewed a day or two before our arrival next week and they would try to block a room off for us, but the room wouldn’t actually be assigned until our arrival (like we all know). So that was promising to me!

Last time I’d asked for a DtD view at SSR at time of booking. I was told that it was “on the reservation” but when I arrived the lady looked at me like I had five heads when I asked if our assigned room was a DtD view. She was very accomodating and switched us but said that request was not added to our reservation. :wacko: Was a bit frustrated with that, but this way of calling the resort directly seemed like a much better idea!

Thanks for all of the advice!! :happy: I’ll let ya know when we get back if it works out!


For outtrip next August we requested Jamacia at CBR and when I opened my e-mail confirmation it says right on it that we have put in a request for Jamacia! But I will cross my fingers for you that you get Sunset Savannah!!!


Thanks MomBee! Good luck with Jamacia!!