Should I change my reservations?


When I booked our ADR, we were staying at POR. I have since switch our hotel to the BC and am wondering if I should change a reservation or two to eat at Cape May? We have reservations for the Crystal Palace and Chef Mickeys. Do you think I should switch either or both of them to Cape May instead?


Welcome to Mouse Buzz. You’re going to love Beach Club, it’s our favorite resort.

I havent been to Crystal Palace but I would keep Chef Mickey’s over Cape May for breakfast if you’re interested in meeting characters. We were at Chef Mickey’s the other day and the food was good, very hot and fresh. I remember the food at Cape May being good but there are fewer characters.


I see you’re new to MB…welcome!

Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey are great choices and both have wonderful character inter-actions.


This is the first time my two younger children (9 & 7) will be at Disney. I thought they would enjoy having Mickey at the breakfast at Chef Mickeys, so I think maybe I will keep the reservation. Crystal Palace we have booked for dinner and truthfully, the kids aren’t that into Pooh and friends, but of course, would like them. Do you think it would be better to do the clam bake at Cape May for dinner? There are so many good choices for meals that it is so hard to choose!:mickey:


I’ve never been to Cape May (this upcoming trip will be my first), but I’m certain the characters aren’t there for dinner. So, if the big pull is the characters for your kids. I think for their ages, two character meals would be very enjoyable!


The clam bake doesn’t have characters, only breakfast at Cape May. What about Garden Grill at Epcot for a character dinner?


I would take CP over CM any day!


Welcome to MB I have not tried Cape May yet will on my next trip, but the other two are alway’s on the list to do.


we are doing cape may for the first time this trip for dinner… we love crystal palace for all meals … and pooh and friends are so cute with great character interaction in my opinion. never done chef mickeys,


I will check out the Garden Grill. I’m not familiar with that restaurant. It would be okay if it wasn’t a character meal since we have reservations for Chef Mickey and Cinderellas Royal Table too. I just thought since we were staying at the BC that maybe I should try Cape May, but if the consensus is to stick with CP and Chef Mickey’s than…there is always next time! Its been 11 years since we were in Disney, so I just want to make it as memorable as possible.


Eleven years! You are in for a surprise. A Surprise and a real treat. :mickey:


i think the food is better at cp but garden grille is fun. ohanas is also fun for breakfast… no characters for dinner… congrats on your trip it is exciting to be going after not being there for so long. you’ll have to get first trip buttons for the kids…


how many days are you going to be there?


Welcome to MB! Personally, I think I would cancel Cape May. The food isn’t terrific and there are so many better restaurants so close by! All the restaurants of Epcot are just a short walk away. You’re going to be blown away by the changes at WDW. Have a terrific trip!


Been to Chef Mickey, Crystal Palace and Cape May for breakfast and dinner. Skip Cape May this time. You can do that another time when characters are not a priority. All have good food, but we prefer Chef and Crystal over Cape May.


Even if your kids aren’t that into Pooh and friends, you will be surprised at how they will enjoy interacting with them anyway. Even my 17 year old nephew had a smile on his face with Eeyore! Crystal Palace is our favorite, we never miss it. We’ve stayed at BC before too and I can tell you, when you have smelled CM each day, you really aren’t going to want to eat it. (Sorry CM lovers!)


Well, we have had good meals and bad meals at all of those places, but we do keep going back. We really enjoyed the breakfast at Cape May, the characters are dressed in beach attire, very cute! We did not have good luck with Crystal Palace for breakfast, but we love it for lunch or dinner. We just love the character interaction as well. Chef Mickeys can be hit or miss. Sometimes the character interaction is superb, other times, not so much!!


welcome to MB :smile: I would stick with Chef Mickeys and Crystal Palace, they have amazing breakfasts. Crystal Palace is one of my favourite breakfast even if i’m not crazy about pooh & his friends. Cape May Cafe has a good breakfast, i enjoyed the food. It’s for good for morning were you don’t want to hurry about getting to a park/resort. I’ve only done Chef Mickeys once, a few years back in the food was pretty good that I can remember. Also, hope you enjoy your stay at the BC, it’s amazing resort. Have nothing bad to say about it.


It’s good to see you posting again, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.


Thank You all for the warm welcomes to MB! I can’t tell you how many times over the past few months I have read all of the posts, and finally decided to become a member. We are going for 10 days and did do the TS meal plan. I feel much better about my choices after reading your replies. I think we will stick with CM and CP. They were really the only two reservations I was willing to possibly switch. I also booked Tepan Edo, The Yachtsman Steak House, Le Cellier, Sci-Fi Theater and Cinderellas Royal Table. I am getting so excited and can’t wait to see the kids reaction to everything.:wub: