Should I do a Universal Trip Report


including a review of the new Simpson’s ride?

Or not?

I never know if it’s appropriate…

We do have some Disney stuff in there, but nothing from a park. It’s truly and “Orlando Area” TR.


Sure. I have never been to Universal.


I would love to hear about it.


Well, thanks ya’ll!! I just might, then!!


Oh, but of course. I’ve heard rumors that there is life outside of WDW. Might as well convince me of that! :laugh:


I’d love to hear it Erin!


Go ahead…but I’m not going to read it.



I want to read it!!!


Oh please do! We may have to venture out of the world one day too, so I would love to hear your TR!:laugh:


I’d love to hear about it!


I’d :heart: to hear about it.


I’d like to read it.


YES!!! I almost love Universal as much as I love WDW.

running for cover I said almost…I said ALMOST!


Great!! I’ll start on it tonight. We’ve had two pretty good trips to Universal this year! My son, who is 13, enjoys the more thrilling rides that Universal has to offer.


Thanks for the feedback! I never know if it’s right, since this is a WDW board (and that’s where our hearts are!)


You can post in on one condition…we MUST see pictures of the kiddos! It has been too long!


I’m looking forward to reading about your Universal trip. For us, a trip to Orlando is not complete without a trip to Universal. We love the thrill rides there!


Tell us it all and lots of photo’s, I:heart: Universal.
Disney needs an Islands of adventure type park for coaster junkies


I would love to hear about it as our next trip will probably include both Disney and Universal. I, personally, would rather spend my days at WDW but my children have been wanting to do Universal.


Great! Can’t wait to see the Universal pics!


Thanks, guys!! I started the TR!

You can find it here: