Should I go


Ok here is the situation. I’m going on a golf trip in January with my brother and dad. Should I goto Disney one day?


Are you dragging unwilling participants or would you be going solo?
If you’re solo and it works in your budget, go.
If they want to go too, go.
If they don’t want to go, revert to Number 1 and go by yourself.


Would I be considered a ‘loser’ for going by myself


I’d have a problem on what I would go see with only one day. Too many things to see.


If your brother and dad don’t want to go to WDW, they’re the losers. Go!


You are seriously asking everyone here on MB if you would go to WDW??? Are you kidding???:wub::wub: YES!!! Go see:mickey::mickey::mickey: And have a great time. Alone or not, GO!!!:laugh::laugh:


hahahaha You took the words right out of my mouth!


Not at all.
You will be far from the only party of one in the park. There are plenty of people that are there by themselves, most on business, some with spouses who are ill but told them to go to the park “cause there’s no use in both of us being miserable”.


Go, one day is better then no days!:happy:


Plus, you can get on as a single rider in lines… It should move fast, plus it could be fun!


Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!!! And don’t think twice if the others do not want to join you. As a matter of fact, make up some grand story when you get back with them.


Absolutely! You will have a great time even if you’re alone! You can do anything you want to do, at your own pace. You can eat when you want, eat what you want. Then you get to go back to family in your room so you won’t be alone in a hotel room. Sounds perfect to me.


Ok next question. What park? MK or DS?


hmmmm I would pick MK… there always seems to be much more to do there and the food choices seem much more interesting.

BTW Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


I would go even if I had to go alone. I think between the two parks, I would see MK. There just seems to be a lot more things to see and do. But which ever park you choose I’m sure you’ll have a great time. BTW I don’t think your a “loser” for going by yourself.


MK. Much more to do and see. Eat at a window upstairs at the Columbia Harbour House. Fun place to people watch while you eat.


I agree. MK for sure. Definetly more to do and see. Have fun!!


I just did MK solo about a week ago and I’m dying to go again! I love taking pictures so I could take ALL the pictures I want, and I didn’t have to do the “ok, sorry, just one more picture, then we can go” thing. I went on the rides I wanted to go on when I wanted to go on them. And I ate a tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbor House while watching Wishes through the window - does it get any better than that? :wub:


For one day it would have to be MK. And I would most likely make it a point to be at rope drop. And this night owl hates getting up to be at the parks early. And I would close the park.

Going solo is one thing DW will not let me do. She would break my legs if I even considered going to WDW without her. :laugh: Have fun.



I will not be going till 4pm