Should I keep Rose and Crown ADR?


Now that my trip is getting so close I’m starting to second guess some of my plans! I really want to see Illuminations from RC but I wasn’t thrilled with it last time. (Sorry Bella!) I’m sure if I had had a good table and decent service I would feel completly different about it, but we had the extreme opposite. We missed Illuminations because our waitress forgot to bring us to the viewing patio and by the time we tracked her down she brought us outside the restaurant where everyone else was watching the show. Needless to say, it was not a good spot! So…should I try again? If there is a good chance for a good spot to see Illuminations I wouldn’t hesitate to try again. Where was the waitress supposed to bring us? I was under the impression it was a private area inside the restaurant. Anyone know?


There are certain tables outside and behind R&C at which you can sit. At these tables, you get a great view of Illuminations. If you time it right, you can still be seated there during the show.
The problem is, your ADR does not guarantee you a table on this patio. What I would do is make the ADR for about 40 minutes before the show is to start, and then show up in plenty of time before your ADR so you can request one of these tables.

These tables are reserved for guests that are dining at the restaurant only, however there is another viewing area off to the left as you face the podium, that can be used by anyone wanting to view Illuminations.


Why not just have dessert there if you werent’ thrilled with the meal? That or try going over to Mexico for dinner or maybe just having an earlier dinner and grabbing a seat near the water after? If you didn’t care for it, why pay good money to do it again?


If I were you, I’d mention this little scenario at the podium when you check in. I’ll bet that will score you a front table!


Because I want a good spot for Illuminations! The food was just OK…I wouldn’t go just for the food, I want to go for a nice relaxing place to view Illuminations. I think if we had a better server last time I would feel differently about the place! I’m about 50/50 about giving it another shot!


I was also thinking of keeping the ADR, and asking at the podium if they can show me where the Illuminations viewing patio was. If they can’t guarantee that we will get to see the show then I’ll cancel the ADR and go elsewhere.


I’d give it another shot.
We were able to secure a great table our first time there and it was the best , most relaxing way we’ve ever seen Illuminations.
Good luck!


I am in epcot on Monday and I am going to RC, last time we saw Illuminations from the viewing patio and it was great, until I woke up early the next morning with pieces of firework in my eye! It was very painfull but I got it out fairly quickly!


If it was the server that really made it not so good of a meal, I definately say give them another shot. I was just making suggestions. I think you should go where you want to. You can have just dessert there and still have the great illuminations view.


Funny, I debated this same thing last fall but ended up skipping it! I think I just want it to be a great place! Dessert would be a good idea but my ADR is for 7:30. I don’t think I could eat that slow!


I agree the food is not that good Rose and Crown, desserts are good there though. If you drink beer, this is the place to be. Order a dessert, then sit at your table and drink till 9:00. LOL :eek:


We went to R&C for our 7:10 ADR last May. We waited and waited and waited, prolly until 8:00 for our patio seat to become available. We were a party of 10, so those do take longer. Our food was excellent (I just love the cottage pie…it is so yummy!) our server was so-so and the view was great! I would eat there again, just hope our server is a bit speedier!