Should I start to get nervous?


Our trip to WDW is in 23 days and we just received our info packet but haven’t received our yellow luggage tags or our transfers for the ME. Should I start to get worried and hound my travel agent or just relax and come to the conclusion that I just haven’t received them yet and they are on their way?


You will get them…usually about 14 days away. I recieved mine 8 days before the trip I just took. You have plenty of time yet. Call and reconfirm your Magical Express and tell them you didn’t get them yet. They may over-night them to you if you get to the 14day window and still don’t have them. You can always check in at the airport for ME even without your vouchers. You will just have to get your luggage…no big deal.


We decided to grab our luggage for any ME rides anyway – only because you have them when you arrive at the resort instead of waiting for them. Sometimes the wait is longer than we like – once my DH almost exploded because his gold clubs were in transit form ME to the resort for several hours longer than he could stand! LOL!


I called at 24 days out. They said they mailed them, but the addy was wrong. They sent them out again. Now that I think of it, I haven’t received mine for the cruise. I am going to have to call them tomorrow.:blink: