Should I switch to quicksilver?


I’ve looked into where we will do our grocery stop and because we land after 9PM, the company we have booked to pick us up says they will take us to WinnDixie. According to allears, they seem to have the highest prices around. When asked if they would go to Walmart or somewhere else, they said it was too far out of the way. Quicksilver will go to walmart, but for an extra $10.00 cost. I’ve also heard thay can be so busy that you will never get out in 30 minutes. Another option (quicksilver told me) would be Albertson’s. Is Winn-Dixie really that much higher that I should worry about it?
Also, one more point, I would really like to get some wine at the stop, where ever we go. Also, fresh bread would be nice.
Does anyone know what these stores have? I’m not from the U.S. so I don’t know what these stores carry.
The guy at Quicksilver seemes really nice, is it worth switching?


You should be fine at winn-dixie for all general groceries they you would want, including bakery items. I don’t think it is that more expensive . As far as wine, you cannot buy that at a grocery store in the U.S. You have to go to a liquor store and since I am not a drinker, I really don’t know where the closest one is to WDW. There are places onsite to buy wine, but I’m sure it is costly. You can buy beer in the grocery stores in Florida, I believe.


Wine isn’t at grocery stores anymore?

I only ask because like 10 years ago I did vendor checkin/data entry for a grocery store, and we checked in wine! But, I’ve never even bought one bottle of it my entire life, so I have no idea if grocery stores still carry it.

I just assumed…

LOL! See what happens, when you don’t pay attention!?! :tongue:


I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the grocery store we have stopped at (w/Quicksilver) the past few years.

I know it is right near Sea-World, the do have beer and fresh bread, and there is a liquor store right next to it.

I don’t think it’s Winn Dixe, maybe it is Albertsons?

Maybe they could stop there for you.


Actually, the guy I spoke with, said that Albertson’s would be their third choice. Maybe that’s the same one you went to? So do you all think I should switch to Quicksilver or stay with the “other guys”.


Isn’t Quicksilver the one that rocks? ;c)

I think it is.


Yep, Quicksilver is a sponsor here. Wouldn’t use anyone else.


There is a thread for a grocery store which will deliver until 11 pm. Arriving late allows you to carry your stuff straight to your room. Since we will get to WDW before we can check in, we are going with the delivery. Can’t have the milk and beer getting warm.


I would go with Quicksilver, but I think winn-dixie is a just a fine stop.


Quicksilver is a great company. I don’t know much about Winn Dixie, but you can buy wine at all grocery stores in Michigan.


You can buy wine a grocery stores in Indiana, too. Someone from FL chime in here or just run out and get some wine and tell us. :tongue:

I have used Quicksilver in the past and will be again in a few months. If you don’t mind the hastle of switching then why not. I always like to go with the personal service if all other things are equal.


I already have our reservation with Quicksilver made for our September trip. I picked them because of all the great reviews on this board.


Hello Everyone…

Yes, there is wine sold in all major supermarkets here in Orlando (publix, Albertson,s Winn-Dixie…). :wink:

Publix is the store we usualy stop at, but with a 9:00pm arrival, the OP was worried we couldn’t make it before closing (10:00pm)… Albertson’s is our 2nd choice (closes at 1:00am and you can fax them your grocery list), and Winn-Dixie closes at midnight (the one by Disney World).

I hope this information helps.

Gregory Nicolas


I would be willing to try Quiksilver. Our last trip we used Tiffany Towncars and didn’t have a great experience. The grocery stop was at a Publix, which was fine, not too busy or too overpriced. The two biggest gripes are that:
#1 when I made the reservation, I asked about a carseat for my 2-yr old, and they said “no problem”. When my wife called a couple of days before the trip, we were told that for a carseat, you had to order a van ($10 more) instead of a car (wasn’t too big a deal). But when the van showed up, the carseat wasn’t installed, so I ended up fighting the carseat for 15 minutes at airport.
#2 for our return trip, I don’t think the driver said two words to us the entire trip. She was not friendly at all.
Prezcatz Paul