Should I try a dinner show?


I am trying to think of places that I want to try for my March trip as I can be making the ressies today.
I am sitting here thinking if I should try a dinner show. the only place I can think of that is a must do for me on every trip is Ohanna’s with out a doubt.

Now… Should I try a dinner show? If so which one? I know they are 2 TS credits and thats ok. I plan on getting to WDW the night before I start the action so I will have an extra table service.

Im also wondering if I should see whats avail for my Dec trip as well. Any suggestions?

I do have cinderella’s castle booked for dinner on 12-31 so not to sure if I should keep that or change it to a dinner show. Im thinking of keeping it because I dont want to leave the park on 12-31 in fear that it will fill up.


I would recommend the Hoop de Do Revue!


Agree with DVC Mike the hoop de doo is really fun and the food is pretty good.


Have you ever done Hoop Dee Doo Kate? I really like it, it’s something you have to try once, lots of fun.


I would definitely avoid the luau –

HDD sounds excellent.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;888343]I would definitely avoid the luau –

HDD sounds excellent.[/QUOTE]

I haven’t done the luau in AGES but I’ve heard very mixed reviews… everybody LOVES a good down-home, foot-stomping, hollerin’ good time at the Hoop Dee Doo though! :tongue:


I still have this aching “I want my money back and I wish we were inside at Ohana” feeling from the luau – :laugh::pinch::laugh:


I have to agree with the others, the Hoop de Do Revue was a blast. My son was five at the time and loved it.


Ok~ I guess I will try to make reservations for the Hoop De Doo in the morn. I had a hard time trying to think of places I wanted to try so this will take 2 tables choices for me. Thanks all!


No doubt…the Hoop dee doo!!!:goofybounce::goofybounce::goofybounce:

This is one of my kids favorites…and their teenagers!!!:cool::cool::cool::laugh:


Hoop De Doo is awesome. My son got to go on stage and participate in the show! He still talks about it! (OK, this just happened this past July)


Tink, for the last 3 years in a row, I have had no trouble getting into the Magic Kingdom between 8 and 8:30 in time for Holiday Wishes. That’s just something to keep in mind. On the other hand, you probably should nail down your dinner plans because you could find that all you can get will be Red Dragon at 5:30 if you don’t.


We are doing Ohana for dinner our first night (2 days from now). I thought the kids would enjoy that. We are also doing the Spirit of Aloha. I’ve heard mixed reviews but we are staying at the Poly and always wanted to go to Hawaii so it seemed fit. I just read another thread from a MB member who just got back from WDW and listed the Spirit of Aloha as her highlight! I’ve read mixed reviews on Hoop Dee as well, although not as many a SOA. I’d keep CRT for 12/31/08 though. Do you dinner show another night.


Is Disney Dining able to take ressies now for March? I called last week and they said that since they were upgrading their computer system, they wouldn’t be able to make ressies yet and to try back late October/Early November???


I read on another MB thread that someone called and was told no ADR until Nov 21 except CRT and that GF adult only place (I forget the name).


I already have the castle booked for New Years Eve dinner at 9:30 I read somewhere that MK may fill up so I was a little nervous and booked the castle because the CM said if we have dinner ressies there they will have to let us in.

Im going to book HDD for my March trip


I called DVC yesterday and they were able to get me ADR’s for Ohanna’s 3-14


Another vote for HDD! :happy:


Hoop de doo is a family tradition for us. we have gone so often that we probably know the script by heart. The corny jokes still make us laugh, the kids love the interaction, the food is good, and hubby loves that the beer is included. LOVE THIS~