Should I try seaworld?


I was thinking about getting the kids tickets to Seaworld to use on the last day in Orlando before heading home. Do you think I should? Im having mixed feelings about this. I want to try it but again I dont. When I looked online it was $210 for 1 adult and 3 kids with a discount code from entertinment book.

Someone sell me on the idea. Thanks:heart:


We used to have a Sea World right here in Ohio. It’s been closed for nearly 10 years, and we still talk about the park. If you can fit it in your vacation schedule, I think it is worth a visit. It’s not WDW, but if you love marine mammals, it is a really neat place.


I would say it was worth a visit too. The park is very well looked after with a nice atmosphere and great food (IMO)
The Shamu show is spectacular and the conservation and education areas are excellent.
The park itself is not too big and can easily be more or less ‘done’ in a day. There are a couple of coaster type rides that seem very popular too.


We haven’t been since 96 but want to go back so I say go and enjoy before it’s sold to who knows who


Definitely give it a try. Sea World is completely different from WDW, but is great for the animal interaction. It’s almost a relaxing day, although I suppose that depends on when you go. I agree with keljen, go before it’s sold…


We enjoy Seaworld. I would recommend you go. Our absolute favorite is the Clyde and Seymour show, which is the sea lion and walrus show. It is the funniest thing!! But, you need to try to get there about 20 minutes early for the preshow entertainment, it is the most memorable thing about the park!


We love Sea World and try to get there every couple of years. It’s certainly worth going.


I would like to try Seaworld too. Let us know what you decide!


Yes, if you can do it, you will love it!


I love seaworld and i think it is defiantly worth a visit, yours kids will love it!!!


I’ve only been ince in 2000, I have some good memories from it.
I say you try it.


Hey, why not? Sounds like fun. :happy:


I enjoyed Sea World! I just love the animal interaction :slight_smile:


We really enjoy Sea World. The animal interaction is really fun. Feeding the dolphins is the best. Some of the shows are really cool. I think you should give it a try.


We love SeaWorld and always make a day for it whenever where in Florida! I went about 3 or 4 times in June! The shows are fantastic and its such a nice relaxed day, the park is really lovely to walk around too and you get some great photos! I second the Clyde and Seamore show, by far the best show at SeaWorld! (Has anyone seen the night time version of this? I cried so hard with laughter!). I really think you should give SeaWorld a try, Iv never met anone yet whos gone along and not enjoyed themselves! Kids love it because of all the animals and the interactions and the laughs they have when they see the animals doing tricks etc! Theres enough there to keep you busy for well over a day if you pace yourself well!


If you can fit it in I say go for it.We went in 2004 and my DSs loved it.We seem to visit an aquarium everytime we go on vacation my kids love fish.


I would say give it a try! We are going this year for the first time, so I will let you know what we thought when we come back!


Im driving so I can fit it in so perhaps I will have to tell “santa” to get the kids tickets! Thanks all!


Does anyone know a good discount code for Seaworld? I was thinking about getting then online but then again if I use my SWA card its still %20 off I think…


I was thinking of going next trip as well. I was going to do Universal too but I do believe that will be too much so maybe WDW & SW this time and WDW & Universal next time