Should I upgrade?


Right now we are booked for 9/19 to 9/27 at CBR - DH told me last night that I could upgrade to the WL…

Should I stay or should I go…:laugh:


Personally if you have the $$ and he is willing - I would go for it. WL is the place I’ve always wanted to stay though.


I wanted either WL or POLY…


Thats a long trip! I’m jealous! :happy:

hehe… seriously though, if you have the chance to update do it! I would personally pick poly. I LOVE being in a monarail resort!


I would upgrade in a second. I love WL and compared ot CBR it’s so small and relaxing.


sorry… just 8 days


I wouldn’t even have to think about that one. Wilderness Lodge, hands down!


Poly has the monorail, but the WL has the boat to MK, so both are very convenient transp. wise. I have stayed at both and love the Poly for the relaxation atmosphere (more $$$$$ though than the Wilderness Lodge). The WL is spectacular. The first time we stayed at the WL, we were upgraded to a 1 bdr. Villa, that was wonderful. I have also stayed at the Poly & WL Concierge and I still prefer the WL, even though the offerings are slightly slimmer. The beauty of the WL is grand.


upgrade WL is my favorite resort


Do …It…:smile:


I would go for the upgrade!


If he says he’s willing to upgrade from a mod to Wilderness Lodge, don’t think twice, especially if you do want to stay there. You can always stay at the Poly another time.


Do it! Its always fun to upgrade!


LOVE, love the WL! We are staying there next xmas. IF the funds allow… go for it.


I think that since its not my $$ you are spending you should do it! LOL- I want to stay at a nice resort too- we just cant seem to make it fit our budget and if its a nice resort or the cruise- we do the cruise instead!


Def upgrade. Wilderness Lodge is great! I loved it there and you really get spoiled in a deluxe resort.


I called and changed our reservation. Smiggers really hasn’t been on the site so I am hoping that she doesn’t get too upset that I dicussed with my MB friends before her.

Thanks everyone.


Congrats on the upgrade!! did you go with the poly or WL???


My dream is the Poly… but DH would rather stay at WL. I’ve been to WL ate at WC and loved it. I know that I will be very happy.
I think the main reason that he decided to upgrade is because he is afraid the pool at CB won’t be open by the time we get there…

OH I am so happy.


I still say skip the pool and take that difference and put it towards a 3 day cruise… but that is just me…he he he