Should we bump up from Value?


So the past 3 years we’ve saved money by staying at the Value resorts & been totally fine with it- nice, clean rooms, good prices- but I’m thinking if we go for a week in September, with the discount pin I got, maybe instead of getting 2 adjoining rooms at Pop, we’ll bump up to a 2 BR villa at a deluxe like Old Key West Resort (it’s me, DH & our 3 kids plus MIL & FIL)…so any suggestions? anyone feel strongly about Old Key West (or any of the deluxe villas?)~ thought it looked cool & would be more comfortable for a week long stay…


That would be quite a bump… but it would be fun to experience somewhere else. I have stayed in POFQ, the Polynesian, and we thought we would try the Contemporary… We loved the change. It was so fun for the kids to try somewhere new and different. I say go for it- if you can…


Yes. Bump if you can! There is a HUGE difference in those resorts. It will be a wonderful treat.


We stayed in a 2 bedroom at Old Key west a few years ago. It was great!! Definitely worth trying!!


If you can swing it go for it. The added LR/Kit area will add so much to your trip. Each BR can be escaped to and the rest of the gang can hang out without bothering anyone. We only go w/ a 2BR when we have the kids with us now.


ABSOLUTELY!! If you can afford it, do it. The difference is amazing. We are now hooked on Deluxe. It is tremendous the difference in the three levels.


Our very first trip was to OKW, and we LOVED IT! We had the perfect room. We opened our door and the pool was just 10 steps away, along with the arcade and laundry.
It’s still been tough to live up to that trip:wub:


That is quite a bump but if you can afford it, do it!


Absolutely if you can swing it! OKW has huge rooms and DD loves the sandcastle slide.


Definitly upgrade. I think the extra space alone would enhance your trip.


I am having a mini-resort dilemma -But yours is a BIG jump! We stayed at a 1bedroom SSR and LOVED it. I wouldn’t even question yourself -if it is possible- just do it. :slight_smile:


I have stayed at OKW twice and very much enjoyed my stays there. It is a VERY big resort and room placement is everything. I loved building 19 even though the unofficial guide doesn’t suggest it. It was close to a quiet pool and the bus stop was right outside your door. You were also the last stop before the main buiding so no so long on the buses. I think you should go for it.


What did you decide? I am on pins and needles!


You do what you can afford.
Beyond that, overall, there really are no “bad” choices among the Disney owned hotels.