Should we change to WLV?


We are booked for BWV for our August trip and I have our ADR’s done. Since the majority are at MK area resorts should we change to the WLV? This is my DH & DD (8) first time and my first on-site stay. We chose the BWV because it seems to be in the middle of things and DD loved the clown slide. We are much more into the shows, my DH & DD don’t do the “thrill” type rides. What would you do stay at BWV or change to WLV. One Bedrooms are available at WLV for $100.00 less than BWV.

Liberty Tree 8/10 6:30:00 PM
Hoop De Doo 8/11 5:00:00 PM
Cinderella Breakfast 8/12 8:10:00 AM (aniversary)
Narcoosees 8/12 6:30:00 PM (aniversary)
Ohana Luai 8/13 5:15:00 PM
Chef Mickey’s breakfast 8/14 8:25:00 AM
1900 Dinner 8/14 5:55:00 PM
Coral Reef 8/15 noon
Teppan Edo 8/15 6:00:00 PM


Based on your MK resort area reservations, your best bet would be to stay at a monorail resort if you’re that concerned about easy transport.
Barring that, yes, you would do better at Wilderness Lodge, but you’re still going to have to boat over to the MK and transfer to a resort launch or the monorail. Also, you’re going to have to take a launch to Fort Wilderness from Wilderness Lodge.


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In terms of traveling from your resort to the restaurants where you have your ADR’s, the WL would be a little more convenient. I’ve stayed at both resorts and liked them each for different reasons. If you intend to spend the majority of your park days at MK(and with a child going for her first visit, you might), then I would switch. Otherwise, the proximity of the Boardwalk to both Epcot and HS, the pool, and the convenience of the Boardwalk district would probably encourage me to keep the reservation there.


I personally LOVE WLV and would stay there again in a heartbeat. You have the option of taking the boat to the MK or to the Contemporary, or using the buses. We’ve never had any problems getting around from WL.
To me WLV just feels like “home”.