Should we give Alfredo's another chance?


We ate at Alfredo’s on our honeymoon and we were less than thrillled with the place. Overall, service and food were not very great. I read alot of mixed reviews on it. What do you all think? Should we try it again?


We ate lunch there. Kids loved it, food was good. If this is second trip I would try others, there are at least 70 sit down restaurants at Disney, and over 190 eating establishments. mY GOAL IS TO HIT THEM ALL ONE DAY!!!11


When was your honeymoon? Was this the ONLY time you have been there? I would ALWAYS give it another go. You never know, it just could have been an OFF day for them. We have been there a few times. Not the BEST Italian I have had (I’m from NY), but definitely not the worst. Overall, it was a very nice dining experience.

GO FOR IT!!! If it stinks this time around, you know better and you don’t have to go back.



We had the same experience. And we haven’t given it a second try. But everything should have a second try - so why not give it another chance (maybe try lunch - it wouldn’t be as expensive)


We’ve had wildly varying experiences at Alfredo’s over the years, some very good but enough so-so ones that the only time we go anymore is if out-of-town guests really express a strong desire to eat there.

There are so many truly good restaurants on Disney property that I’d have a hard time going back to one where I had a bad experience. Giving a place a second chance is a noble idea but if you’re on vacation with limited time, limited dining opportunities and limited budget, why take the chance? I’d choose another restaurant.


What Park Hopper said- there are so many great places, why bother to go back to one where you had a mediocre experience.

Unless you’re a huge, huge fan of Italian food and really really want to go there? If not, then… meh.


We’ve had not so great experiences there many years ago but we have a second chance this past August and actually REALLY liked it! I had the “Le Originali Fettuccine all’Alfredo” which was really pretty good and DH had the “Tagliolini Alla Vodka con Gamberoni” with shrimp and he LOVED it. I don’t know, people seem to go back and forth about it. I think it might be worth giving a second try.


For my birthday trip this October,we are getting the dining plan,and we are going to make Aldredos one of our TS restaurants.


Have you been before, what was YOUR take on it? :happy:


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Boy kizzmitt, tell us how you REALLY feel about Alfredo’s! Tiggerfan, we’ve been three times, twice on the night we arrived from California. Our DD (who is also a DL cast member) loves the place and it has been a tradition of hers to go there on the first night. Anyway, my DW and I thought the food was good, though a bit pricey. I would probably go back again, but if I had my choice, I’d probably rather go to Le Cellier in Canada or O’Hanna’s at the Polynesian Resort!!


I always give a restaurant a second chance, so I say “go for it”! At least you will have peace of mind! And if it turns out to be a really great meal, you’ll be glad you gave em’ a second chance!!


Our honeymoon was in 98. We have been to WDW many times since then, but never back to Alfredo’s.We always go to San Angel Inn,(it’s our favorite) but when we go back in December, we kinda want to try something different. I just notice that we stick with the same places. We did try Morocco and Canada on this last trip and enjoyed both.


We always like to give any place a 2nd chance.


I am an Italian food snob,because my mother makes it so very very good(hence the name Ristoranti Mama Mia!!!),but the food was decent the few times i’ve tried it. I figure with the dining plan,our bill will be way more than the value of the package,so it will be worth it.


I agree with you and llama. Give it a second try. I would definatelt do it for lunch however. That way if it stinks you are paying the dinner prices and won’t be that upset about it.


Us too! We have had some good, some bad experiences here. We are going to try another Italian restaurant if we decide on this cuisine. Probably Palio since we are staying at BWV. There is also Mama Melrose in MGM.


Alma -
I have listened to you rave about your mom’s italian food forever…is she taking ADR’s for october? LOL Seriously, your mom must make some serious food. There is nothing as good as home-cooked ,good italian food. MY DBF will tell you the same thing about his DM’s food.


She’s make a fortune if she ever opened up a restaurant!!! Sorry,no ADR’s for October!!!


Americans have no notion of Italian food. Alfredo’s, if you dine outside, is similar to any small trattoria you’ll find in Italy regarding ambiance. The food isn’t. I find it too Americanized, eventhough they claim it isn’t. The menu at the original Alfredo’s is much better, and much more Italian, than the one in EPCOT.