Should we go to Pirate and Princess Party?


Do you think it’ll be fun for DD13 and I, or is it more for younger children? I really don’t know much about it. We went to MNSSHP and LOVED it. How does PPP compare?


Do not miss this event. It’s great. It’s new. I’ll be part of it this time. Don’t miss it, and as always DO NOT MISS THE FIREWORKS!!!


We loved it, but sadly did not get to appreciate the fireworks. I would avoid Fantasy Land during the fireworks, but the whole evening was great.


just checked disney website, they only have the p and p party scheduled through September. . . any word on whether they will continue it?


if its as popular this fall as it was this spring I would think they would continue it. its probably too early for dates yet (there were just speculative dates for MNSSHP until just a few months ago, if I remember right). Keep checking!


I have never been to MNSSHP, but PPP is so fantastic and amazing. Really worth the money and staying up WAY past my bedtime and all that jazz! One of the highlights of our entire WDW history! So…


We’ve decided to go to the PPP, Now I just have to figure out when to go! There is one the first night we get there…but we’ll be up since 4am so I not so sure about that. The next one is 8/31 but that would mean missing EP PM EMH and/or MGM AM EMH. The last one is the night before we leave…seems perfect! Except the only MK PM EMHs are the night before, meaning two nights at MK in a row! And…its Labor day…more crowded? I think I tend to make things harder than they are! Which one would you go to?


Hope it’s fun for a 13yr old girl…I’m taking mine! If she no likeie, tough pootie…I WANT TO GO…lol Seriously, my DD and I have been to the MNSSHP twice and it was a blast. The P&P party has to be just as fun.


what is MNSSHP?


That would be Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, another event that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED.


OK, you want another reason to go to Pirate and Princess? I just learned that I’m going to be trained in the event. I’ll be helping Jafar in Princess Jasmine’s Royal Guard Recruitment show in front of the Jungle Cruise! Having not gone to the event and not seen the show, I’ve no idea what happens or to expect. Someone described it to me as, “think Jedi Training Academy with an Aladdin theme instead of Star Wars.” Anyone who went verify that for me?


I think I’m leaning toward 9/03 for the PPP. It would be a nice way to end our trip!


It is a very cool show, RR… and it attracts a large crowd! You will have a lot of fun!!! The Royal Guard guys are absolutely amazing. You get tired just watching them go through all their drills. The little kids are totally into the show…

And kizz, Wishy had mentioned in her TR that if you get stuck in Fantasyland when the fireworks start, that you can’t get out until the show is over. So when we knew that the show was about to start and we could see them start to put up ropes, we raced like crazy people to get to the front of the Castle. A lot of the show is actually ON the Castle walls (I’ll just leave it at that), and you wouldn’t want to miss that part!


I have to say that I was rather bummed to hear that the last scheduled night was two nights before we arrive and we have already done this even this year! I would have done it again if for nothing else but the lower crowds for rides and the fireworks! But We arrive Sept 5th and that last scheduled show is the 3rd- bummer!


Oh good tip!! I will need to remember this! :happy:


I have never been myself but have heard rave reviews about it. I say, If you have the chance then do it!


We are going on our last night (8/28). We also thought it was a great way to wrap up our trip.

I can hardly wait!


We went in March it was SUCH a fun event . . . I’m hoping we can go Sept too!