Should we go without the dining plan this year


For the last few years we have purchased the dining plan with the dvc stay. When I booked our stay, I asked to add the regular dining plan, but we are starting to have 2nd thoughts about it. While we were talking the other day about where we wanted to eat, the only place that was a must do for all of us was Ohana. Chef Mickey’s is a tradition, so we will go there again but it has been the plan since the beginning to go on DS’s birthday which is when we are staying on a cash reservation, so that does not effect the decision about the dining plan.

DD said that she felt that last year she felt as though we were ostage to all our ADR’s and wanted to eat whatever whenever we wanted. Usually at the end of a trip we are frantically trying to use up the snack credits since the kids are really the only ones who take advantage of the snacks. I will also say that the dining plan is way too much food for us. We waste more than we eat.

The cheaper dining plan does not seem like a good deal for us because we do not like eating a lot of fried foods and it seems that many of the choices on the counter service only plan are not as healthy.

Am I crazy to think we could do better to go without the dining plan this year?


Although the dining plan does save you a lot of money I feel it is not always the best choice for us. We are doing the plan this Sept. because we are traveling with a group of people that are doing it, so just to make it easier we added the DDP to our DVC reservation. When my DH and myself travel alone though we almost never get it. We are not the type of people that have to sit down once a day for a nice meal. Also, my number one issue with the DDP is I feel like I spend way to much time in restaurants. By the time you check in, wait to be seated, order, wait for your food, eat, and pay the bill a good 2 plus hours could have gone by. This is time I could have spent having fun in the parks.

We find the Tables in Wonderland card works much better for us. We don’t have to worry about using all of our credits, ordering food we wouldn’t normally order, and we don’t have to worry about getting the most for our money that we already would have spent with the DDP.


If it doesn’t seem like a good deal for you, why would you be crazy not to do it? Just skip no. No harm, no foul.


Since your family gets to go at least once a year I’d say skip it this year and see how it goes without it. We like the DDP but don’t do it every time. Some trips we’d simply like to eat where we want and others we enjoy the benefits of the DDP. Both are good for us.


I’m thinking the same thing for our trip next year. We always get the DDP and it usually works out to our benefit but our next trip we are thinking about booking a one bedroom or cabin and it comes with a kitchen.
If you think you are going to Ohana and Chef Mickey’s only, I would go without it this trip. Its not worth it if you just want to sit down at two places. I wouldn’t want to see you without any ADRs because then all you will have a choice of is CS or in room pizza or have to wait in lines for dinner.


I don’t think you’re crazy to skip the dining plan. We quit using it when my son became an ‘adult’ at WDW. It doesn’t save us money and we ate more than we wanted to. By the end of a 2 week trip we were all pretty tired of eating huge meals but felt like we had to because we had paid for them.

We’re much happier now. If we feel like skipping an ADR we cancel it and we only order what we want to eat. I feel like were pretty big eaters but the dining plan got the best of us. I was begging people to allow me to buy them dessert and in the end we still hadn’t used all our credits.


I think at the very least, you should try it without the dinign plan and see which one fits your family better.

I have never done the dining plan because we never eat that much food, and I always get a good enough room discount to not make it worth it.


[QUOTE=Pooh Fan;987216]For the last few years we have purchased the dining plan…

Am I crazy to think we could do better to go without the dining plan this year?[/QUOTE]

Reading your post, it looks like you answered your own question. It really doesn’t seem that you want to do it. That’s cool-- we all know the DDP is a very personal and family-specific vacation choice at WDW.