Should we switch for 1 day


DH and I are staying at AKV for 4 days in a studio. I have been trying to add the 5th day at AKV and there are still no openings. I am starting to think that maybe we could move to another DVC resort just for the 1 night. It would be the same amount of points no matter which one we choose and we have a car down there so getting to the new resort wouldnt be a problem.
Does this sound crazy?


Blech, to have to move for one night. Why don’t you try and get the entire stay at another place? Did I miss something? :blink: :blush:


We really want to stay at the new Animal Kingdom Villas and all we could get was the 4 days so we jumped on it.


That’s a tought decision for us it’s too much work for 1 day to pack up move and unpack again to just pack again the next day


Heheh, then just rent another place for the 5 nights and MAKE PLANS right away FOR THE NEXT TRIP :ph34r:

I understand, I would want to stay there too.


if you really have your heart set on AK, then I’d say switch for the night!


I agree with Sarah-if you had your heart on AKL Villas, and 4 nights were all you could get, switch for the additional night. You have a car and you can do it fairly easily. Go for it!


We’ve switched for our last night before and it’s really not bad…especially since you have a vehicle there. Just pack a hotel bag for your last night and for your night on the road home and leave everything else in the car. Makes the morning you leave less hectic.


That’s what we do. We pack a bag for 1-2 nights and leave the rest of the stuff packed (and in the car if we have one). It’s not that big of a pain and would be worth it if you really want to stay at AKL.


if you can get another night elsewhere then I say go for it. If you have the car and are not bothered by it, then why not. Just pack everything away that you don’t need and just keep a bag with what you do want seperately just for that one night. No hassle.


I second that motion!


I would move as well. I don’t think i would give up 4 nights at AKV.


We really didnt want to give up the 4 days at AKV. We talked about it last night and we both agreed that we would switch to another resort for the last night. I called this morning and the only thing that I could get was a studio at SSR so I took it. 4 days at AKV and 1 day at SSR. Not bad. Im just happy to be at disney. :wub:

Like others have said Im going to have a seperate bag packed for that last night at SSR. Its not going to be bad at all. Im just excited that we get the xtra day.


Enjoy!! Can’t wait to see your TR!! :happy:


I would move. IF I really wanted one more night/day at the park… I would move. Not a big deal.


Being another DVC member who’s DESPERATE to stay at those dang AKL Villas I would say keep the days ya got, you’re very lucky you got them!! We’ve been on the waitlist to get in there for November and not a peep, wecan’t get ANYTHING!!! We’ve switched over before for one night and it was no big deal. They basically do everything for you anyway. Hey, it’s a whole extra day you gain! Although, I think I would be just a LITTLE let down going from AKL to SSR, ugh. haha, but once again we all know how I feel about SSR.

You’re gonna have a blast!


We had to do this in June. We were at SSR for 3 nights, then Boardwalk for the last 3.

The problem we ran into was the 3:00 check in. We had a car and just felt “displaced” for the few hours. We did use bell services to hold our luggage, but on one of the days my Mother was leaving (it was a girls trip) and another (we checked into a 1br for 1 night and a studio for 2) it was just so hot and we had pool time planned, we didn’t like being without a “home base” so to speak.

If you’re just planning on spending the time at the parks anyways it should be no problem. I just wanted to let you know of our experience so that you could plan that last day of precious time accordingly!!!


I would have moved too. In fact for our December trip I had three different reservations and would have had to move twice but I took it because - Hey it’s Disney and I really want to see Christmas at Disney. We did get lucky though, I kept calling and calling and checking on our waitlist and as I was talking to a CM one day a room opened up right then and he grabbed it for me. Now we dont have to move.


Use extra points to stay at the AKL hotel and let Disney move you or just pay cash and again let them move you…