Should we switch?


Ewwwwww! I just read Mickeysgirlz trip report including all the gory details about POR~ we’re planning to stay there next month- our first stay at a Mod & until now, I was excited about staying there…unfortunately it seems to be the consensus that POR has gone downhill & in serious need for a refurb~ so should we take our chances & keep our ressie OR try to switch to CSR? I haven’t even checked to see what the price diff would be OR if CSR has rooms for a family of 5???


I thought POR was the only mod that sleeps 5 but I may be wrong.


I think you’re right…the thing is - and I’m sure Mickeysgirlz would agree - that if your room is not up to par you should contact Housekeeping IMMEDIATELY and not let it go, until you are completely satisfied. Be nice - but be FIRM. (and chances are your room will be fine). I really wouldn’t worry too much about it. It’s true that the resorts do get a lot of wear and tear, but as a whole Disney does a pretty good job of keeping them in good repair and condition.


I agree with Llama.

It seems like wherever you’re going to stay, you suddenly start hearing horror stories about it.

If there’s a problem, make them make it right immediately. But hopefully there won’t be any problems at all and you can just enjoy your vacation!


I agree - call right away. Like I said my trip was a quick weekend trip and we just slept in the room. Had it been longer I would have complained.

That said, this was my 3rd stay at POR and my 3rd strike, so I won’t be going back. :sad:

And like DT said, POR is the only one that sleeps 5 BUT the trundle is a board on wheels with a jr/crib size mattress on it, so unless the 5th person is under 4 feet, it’s not comfortable to sleep on.

I’d either get two rooms at POP! or a family suite at ASM! I do LOVE CSR and the beds are queen size, which is another perk.


I agree with llama.Report any issues.

We enjoy staying at CSR but I don not think they sleep 5. CSR is an odd resort people either hate it or love it. We LOVE it there.


We stayed at POR in December, and we didn’t have any big cleanliness issues. It was a little bit dustier than I’d expected to be, but it was nasty, filthy, dirty. In fact we’re going back there for a week this Saturday.:happy:


I have never, and will never cancel or change a reservation based on someone elses experience, what I expect and what the poster/reviewer expects may be 2 completely different things.


You can only have 5 at CSR if one child is under 3 or your book a jr suite. Otherwise you would have to get two rooms.


Thanks guys - after talking it over with DH & our travel agent, we’ve decided to take our chances, hope for the best, but be prepared to voice any problems immediately. As DH pointed out, you can read just as many positive reviews as negative ones for just about anything these days & we should probably just wait & see what our experience is like. We’ve never been disappointed with Disney so hopefully this will be no different! Thanks for the reassurance!!


I am trying right now to get to the bottom of all these negative POR resort issues I have talked with one higher up and am awaiting another call back hopefully today,I will post the results as soon as possible…


Bless you!! I will be waiting on pins & needles!! :wink:


Not one call back yet,I will pursue this once again today,hang in there


Okay here we go …never received a call back… i called over got a gentleman who said his name was brice …he assured me even though there might be some issues ,they are rare and if there are they are handled fast…what i found interesting is that when i asked the gentleman about some people that I know personally at the resort he said he didn’t know them …so In the transfer mode I belive I got admin at headquarters and not the resort itself…I still have a call into the GM so I was assured she would call me if not by next week I will be forced to call my contact in the executive office .


just got off allearsnet web site…they have a POR specific review site …might cool your fears


I can tell you from experience, if you are not happy with your room, just simply ask for a new one! They are EXTREMELY accommodating. They even got a map of the resort out for me and asked me what area I would like.


[QUOTE=cjtownman;1044770]I can tell you from experience, if you are not happy with your room, just simply ask for a new one! They are EXTREMELY accommodating. They even got a map of the resort out for me and asked me what area I would like.[/QUOTE]that has always been my experience,that is why when I started to see growing negative stories it bothered me,but on the other hand I heard that there were some cut backs,so that led to some concern,POR is my favorite resort and I will defend it and will do my best to make sure it doesn’t suffer because of the cutbacks,now lets get it on the TIW list


we have stayed twice and loved it had a beautiful clean room and had no problems with mousekeeping. If it was not for some financial issues we would go back this time instead of POP.


Thank you!!! Very reassuring!! We’re pretty laid back so as long as it’s clean & not like a 5 mile hike to the bus stop/main lobby/food court, then we’ll be fine. I will certainly be prepared to speak up if we have any problems. Thanks again!!!:heart:


We checked into our POR room about 3 hours ago, and everything is great! In fact, I think everything looks better than when we were here in December.:happy: